FRIDAY’S FANTASTIC FINDS – National Poetry Month Day Seven – The Grandparents Weekly visit a poem and note from the author – poet Trish Hubschman

FRIDAY’S FANTASTIC FINDS – National Poetry Month Day Seven – The Grandparents Weekly visit a poem and note from the author – poet Trish Hubschman

The Grandparents Weekly visit

By Trish Hubschman

Day 7


It was Friday.

I had to rush home from school.

My Grandparents would be waiting.

Parked across the street at the dentist’s house.


“You’re late, kid,’ Grandpa would say,

A smile plastered on his face.

“No, I’m not,’ I’d retort.

I hate to wait till my last class ended.


Inside the house, we’d take our seats.

Grandpa on the couch, Grandma in a chair,

Me on the floor, TV set on.

We’d engross ourselves in soap operas.


Four-thirty on the nose,

Grandpa would tell Grandma to get in the kitchen.

It was Mom’s kitchen and not Grandma’s place.

I would stand up to Grandpa for her.


Grandma was probably flustered.

Grandpa loved it.

He teased me even more.

Mom was often peeved.


This went on for a few years,

Then Grandpa died.

I never watched a soap opera again.

I don’t think Grandma did either.


Note: My maternal grandfather was my best friend and I still miss him after nearly 40 years.


Trish Hubschman is the author of the Tracy Gayle mystery series: Tidalwave, Stiff Competition, Ratings Game, Uneasy Tides, and Gayle’s tales.

Trish is a graduate of Long Island University’s Southampton Campus and has a Bachelor’s degree in English-writing. She is deaf-blind and lives in Pennsylvania with her husband Kevin and their dog Henry.

Visit her website.






  1. Trish Hubschman Reply
    April 7, 2023

    i thank Abbie Taylor for this wonderful prompt. I was able to bringup memories and enjoy them. Mom too. Grandpa R was a gem. I’ve got to try to write something about my other grandpa. Yeah I was lucky enugh to have both sets of grandparents for a long time. I’m grateful for that.

    1. There’s nothing better than a prompt which brings you to a happy place.
      Best creative place ever.

      1. Trish Hubschman Reply
        April 7, 2023

        So very true Patty.

  2. Today, I’m going to set up my work table, take some scrap clay I brought home and see what it wants to be.
    I’m dealing with writer’s block, which is to say, I’m not quite sure how to begin the second book in my Pathway to Freedom trilogy, so I’m going to create within my happy place, let my mind roam a bit and I’m also going to keep a recorder running so while I think out loud, anything usable which comes out of it can be retrieved.
    It’s a new thing I started.
    I also make up poetry.

    1. Trish Hubschman Reply
      April 8, 2023

      Writing poetry is good for helping thinking. Writers block has to pass on its own. Don’t stress out about it.

      1. I’m enjoying your poetry and you’re correct, poetry helps the thinking.
        Writer’s block leaves as a result.

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