Friday Finds 14th July

Friday Finds 14th July

Friday Finds for July 14 2017Friday Finds for July 14 2017
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1 Making technology easier to see, hear and use! 

2 Five Very Useful Websites to Simplify Your Life 

3 NLS new web address 

4 Rita’s iDevice Advice for July 10, 2017 Resources to Help Make Your Apple iOS  

5 Swimming as an organized activity goes back as far as 2500 B 

6 Want to Know Which Apps You have that will Not work with  your Iphone 

7 How To Access BIOS On Your PC 

8 Emoji Cheat Sheet 

9 The Almanac.

10 Quick and Easy Ways to Get Rid of Pesky Ants 

11 founders of America 12 the baceball player 

Today is Friday, July 14, the 194th day of 2017 with 171 to follow.

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*1)  Making technology easier to see, hear and use!Seeing AI App is Now Available in the iOS app store, a free app that narrates the world around you, is  available now to iOS customers  in the United States, Canada, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore.Designed for the blind and low vision community, this ongoing research project harnesses the power  of artificial intelligence to open up the visual world and describe nearby people, text and objects.”I really do think this app will be a game changer for many as it’s just simple to use,” said  Jenine Stanley, who is legally blind and reviews apps and technology for  Main Menu Main Menu, , the American Council of the Blind’s tech radio show., found here: presentation of the new app.

The app uses artificial intelligence and the camera on your iPhone to perform a number of useful  functions:Reading documents, including spoken hints to capture all corners of a document so that you capture  the full page. It then recognizes the structure of the document, such as headings, paragraphs and  lists, allowing you to rapidly skip through the document using voiceover.Identifying a product based on its barcode. Move the phone’s camera over the product; beeps  indicate how close the barcode is – the faster the beeps, the closer you are – until the full  barcode is detected. It then snaps a photo and reads the name of the product.Recognizing people based on their face, and providing a description of their visual appearance,  such as their gender, facial expression and other identifying characteristics.Recognizing images within other apps – just tap Share, and Recognize with Seeing AI.Stanley said she was “blown away” by the speed and ease of use of the app. One of her favorite  features is the Short Text channel, which reads signs, labels and other short snippets of text.  “That feature alone is worth the app,” she said. “It’s also fast — almost instant.”Because this is still a research project, there are some abilities that we consider “experimental.”  One of those is the Scene channel, which uses AI to describe the photo you capture so that you have  a better idea of your surrounding environment.The Seeing AI app is   available now to iOS customers in the six supported countries, with more being gradually added over time.

Dean tells us in the July 14 issue of Flying Blind of Nine YouTube Video Tutorials on the app are available here:
We would love to hear what you think! Tell us how Microsoft technology is helping you experience  the world in new ways We also love feedback and would love to know how we can continue to improve our products and  services through the  Disability Answer Desk
 (now with ASL support) and

*2)  Five Very Useful Websites to Simplify Your Life As vast and overwhelming as the Internet can be at times, it does offer so many ways to improve our lives.Today I want to tell you about five websites that have the potential to simplify your life, whether you need to figure out how to use that huge crop of basil growing in your herb garden or find the perfect dress for your daughter’s wedding. SEASONAL PRODUCE GUIDE.1. 

One of the best tips I know for cutting the cost of healthy, fresh food is to buy only during a fruit or vegetable’s “peak season.” Items at their peak are far more plentiful, which typically causes the prices to drop because of supply and demand. But how can you know for certain if say, cherries, are at their peak? offers a simple way to find out. Go to the site and scroll down and click on the Seasonable Food Guide graphic. Now select your state and month. Or you can select an exact produce item, to discover its peak season where you live. This handy online tool will also offer more information on every type of produce you can imagine such as what to look for, how to store and recipes, too.

2.  BACKGROUND BURNER. This simple but effective app allows you to quickly remove the background from any image or photo. This is a feature of Adobe Photoshop, but that program costs hundreds of dollars! Anyone can use Background Burner for no cost at all.The instructions for Background Burner are easy to follow and the process is quick. Best of all the price is quite right (free) as well! BackgroundBurner.com

3.  RENT THE RUNWAY. Whether for a prom, wedding or another fancy occasion, buying a formal gown or even a simple dress can be mind-bogglingly expensive! Now you can forget about buying it and rent it, offers 65,000 designer dresses and accessories for rent, at quite amazing prices, starting at under $50 plus $12.95 shipping. And we’re talking designer labels and high fashion. So many beautiful options.And get this: When you rent a dress you get a free backup size. Returning is easy and they even send you a pre-paid mailing envelope.Why would anyone pay hundreds of dollars for a gown they will wear once—then have to clean it, store it and feel guilty about having spent $400 for it— instead of renting for a fraction of the price and letting someone else clean and store it?For those of us who are fashion and budget conscious, this is a great option. RentTheRunway.com

4.  COZI FAMILY ORGANIZER. This is a fantastic calendar, shopping list, journal and message center to be shared with everyone in the family. Sign up is a cinch.You can access your shared account from any computer or mobile phone. No matter where or how you access Cozi Family Organizer, you’ll always be looking at the same information. Everyone posts their appointments.Cozi Family Organizer will keep you from buying eggs twice and make sure you don’t schedule a baby shower on top of your daughter’s soccer game. Cozi.com

5.  GOOD READS. Looking for your next book? Check out what your friends have read and what they thought with GoodReads. GoodReads allows you to scan book barcodes to add to your “to read” list so you’ll never reach the end of one book without having another on deck.Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. “Knowledge is power, and power is best shared among readers.”  GoodReads.com
Everyday Cheapskate blog, where you can add your comment! 

*3)  NLS new web addressSince July ninth there has been a new URL for the NLS WebSite.

Your bookmarks to the longstanding NLS URL for the homepage will still function correctly and take you to the new site.  The longstanding URL for BARD login will also remain exactly the same.  No changes have been made to BARD or the NLS catalog.  The site has also undergone repeated accessibility and screen reader testing here at NLS and out in the field.The new website URL is:

*4)  Rita’s iDevice Advice for July 10, 2017:  Resources to Help Make Your Apple iOS Knowledge GrowThis excellent article was written By Darrin Also, I have also included some other resources that are helpful in using your iDevice.Here is a start for using a keyboard to control your iPhone.—iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts  —Apple now has a dedicated line for accessibility issues – you can reach them at          877-204-3930. The number is also listed on the general contact page <> .————–AppleVis Accessible iOS apps, news & guides for blind and vision-impaired VoiceOver users <> —————–Mosen Consulting Blindness technology eBooks, tutorials and training ————-tutorial based website for both new and existing VoiceOver users, sighted or blind!–
—APPetizers: Byte size tidbits to help master your iDeviceBy Darrin Places to Go to Help Make Your iOS Knowledge Grow It’s finally summer and a good time to rest, relax, and explore your iDevice. I want to share some of my favorite places to Learn more about iOS. As you find helpful articles, remember to add them to your Safari Reading List. Select this option under the “share” button. Hadley Institute Instructional Videos


The Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired has developed iFocus, a series of instructional videos that teaches you how to use your iDevice. Douglas Walker does a super job taking you through each step. I found the “Placing and Receiving Phone Calls” video very helpful. It helps to practice while listening to the video. Another helpful video is searching for an item in the iOS Settings app. Normally, you’d have to go through each menu. What a time saver! Each instructional video comes with a link to download the .MP3 file or a text transcript. AppleVis:( is one of my favorite resources to learn more about my iDevice and Mac. Get started by entering a topic in the search box. Or choose from Apps to Blogs to Podcasts to Guides and much more! I found the BARD mobile app podcast very helpful. Scott Davert did a great job guiding me through the app and saving me a ton of time trying to learn it on my own. I just found a podcast that describes a free app that will tell me when sunrise and sunset are each day. You can register and sign-up for the free monthly newsletter. National Braille Press:( National Braille Press is a great place to buy books about technology, braille, and much, much more! You can buy books in braille, DAISY download, eBraille, or in Word format. I’m reading “iOS 10 Without the Eye” by Jonathan Mosen (

Jonathan does a great job highlighting the changes in iOS 10. I just heard about an interesting book, “Go Where You Wanna Go: Using GPS on the iPhone” by Judy Dixon. Judy explains how to explore and create routes using GPS apps on the iPhone. NBP has a robust list of other technology books. 

FlyingBlind, LLC:(

Flying Blind, LLC is an assistive technology company that sells technology and provides training solutions. I’ve talked with Larry Lewis, the founder, and he is most kind and is very knowledgeable about braille and assistive technology. Larry shares their weekly eNewsletter called “TopTech Tidbits”, which is a great resource to help keep up with current trends, issues, and solutions for blind users. Click on the link on the FlyingBlind, LLC website to subscribe or click on the archives button to read back issues.You can also check out their EyePod TechnoCast Archive. Final Thoughts:Pick one of the websites above and explore. Begin reading, learning, and playing with the app. Create reminders on notecards or on your iDevice. Finally, consider teaching or sharing what you learn with a friend. One of my summer projects is to learn more about using “Spotlight” on my iPhone and how I can customize the searches based upon the apps I use and the places I go the most.Happy Learning! 

*5)  Swimming as an organized activity goes back as far as 2500 B.C. in ancient Egypt and later in ancient Greece, Rome, and Assyria. In Rome and Greece, swimming was part of the education of elementary age boys and the Romans built the first swimming pools (separate from bathing pools). The first heated swimming pool was built by Gaius Maecenas of Rome in the first century BC.    

Ancient civilizations left ample evidence of their swimming abilities. Bas-relief artwork in an Egyptian tomb from around 2,000 B.C. shows an overarm stroke like the front crawl. The Assyrians showed an early breaststroke in their stone carvings. The Hittites, the Minoans, and other early civilizations left drawings of swimming and diving skills. The first municipal pool in the U.S. was built in Brookline, Mass., in 1887. Soon after that, New York City built public facilities, then called “baths.”

In 1928, David Armbruster first filmed swimmers under water to study strokes. The Japanese also photographed and studied world-class athletes, using their research to produce a swim team that dominated the 1932 Olympic Games. This marked the beginning of research into stroke mechanics.

During the Middle Ages, people feared water because they thought it contained diseases. Swimming was not again appreciated until the nineteenth century when it became popular in England. People felt they could finally trust the water to be free of disease. In 1946 war rationing of material inspired the invention of the two piece bathing suite, called a “bikini.” It was named for a U.S. nuclear testing site in the South Pacific.

*6)  Want to Know Which Apps You have that will Not work with iOS 11? Here’s how to find out. Submitted by Scott Davert on 7 July, 2017 – 17:15

With iOS 11 abandoning all support for 32 bit devices and apps, people may be wondering what apps will and will not be supported. The official Apple article linked to above states: “As a reminder, new iOS apps and updates submitted to the App Store must support 64-bit. Support for 32-bit apps is not available in iOS 11 and all 32-bit apps previously installed on a user’s device will not launch.” To that end, here’s a quick way to determine what apps you have on your device that you will have to leave behind along with iOS 10 itself. This information is available with iOS 10.3 and later.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Go to General.

3. Double Tap the About button.

4. Scroll down/flick to the Applications button and double tap it.

5. At the top of this page will be a heading called “compatibility” followed by a list of apps which contain a 64-bit update, and below that, a list of those apps you may have to let go if the developer doesn’t update them. At this time, there are a total of 22 apps on my phone which do not have 64-bit support. If you have apps in this category which you hope to be able to use with iOS 11, I highly encourage you to contact the developer of those apps.

*7)  How To Access BIOS On Your PC Sometimes you need to access the BIOS on your computer, for example to change the boot order on  your computer. Not all manufacturers use the same key to get in to the BIOS, so here’s a useful  list of what key to tap while your computer is booting according to the manufacturer. There’s also  a tip for Windows 10 to reboot into the BIOS. If you provide tech support for friends and family  this is a terrific resource. 🙂

BIOS is the basic input/output system that every laptop and desktop on the market comes packaged  with. You normally don’t have to use it if you’ve got Windows installed. In fact, there’s little  reason to need to access it in the first place. That said, it’s not something that you never need  to change. The BIOS contains system settings that you might need to change on occasion. For  example, the BIOS is where you change your first boot device. It’s really easy to access BIOS on  your PC. When you boot into your system, you need to tap a specific key. You must tap it before you  see the Windows boot logo. The only tricky part is knowing which key to tap. The key differs from  system to system so we’re going to attempt to compile a list of these keys for every available PC  there is.Make sure you don’t have  Fast Startup  enabled on Windows. You might have to use the Fn key in addition to the other function keys when  you’re trying to access BIOS.AcerTap the F2 key repeatedly or hold it down when you power on your ASUS laptop to access BIOS.ASUSF2Hold down the F2 key and then press the Power button. Keep holding down the F2 key until you see  your BIOS screen Source:

*8)  Emoji Cheat SheetSmileys-people – Copy and Paste ??? Emoji Cheat Sheet

Love them or dislike them, emojis have grown and are showing up everywhere. If you find yourself  needing to track a certain emoji down, here’s a quick sheet to help you find it fast. Click on the  category to narrow down your search. Categories are smileys and people, animals and nature, food  and drink, activity, travel and places, objects, symbols, flags, skin tones, and developer. There’s  also a proposed category if you want to have a look at what might be showing up in the future. You  can also check the meaning of an emoji at the site, view the history of emojis, check popular  emojis, and leanr how to unlock the emoji keyboard on your Android or Apple device.If you’re  looking for the full emoji list adn what they look like on every platform, you can find at the  Unicode site Source; Daily Tech Treatsrhiannon

*9)  The Almanac. Today is Friday, July 14, the 194th day of 2017 with 171 to follow.The moon is waning. Morning star is Venus. Evening stars are Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn.Those born on this date are under the sign of Cancer.They includeAustrian painter Gustav Klimt in 1862;writer Irving Stone in 1903; cartoonist William Hanna in 1910; folk singer Woody Guthrie in 1912; Gerald Ford, 38th president of the United States, in 1913;  Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman in 1918;  actor Harry Dean Stanton in 1926 (age 91);  actor Polly Bergen in 1930;  TV news commentator John Chancellor in 1927;  football star/actor Roosevelt Rosey Grier in 1932 (age 85);  evangelist Franklin Graham in 1952 (age 65);  actor/director Eric Laneuville in 1952 (age 65);  film producer Joel Silver in 1952 (age 65);  actor Jane Lynch in 1960 (age 57);  actor Matthew Fox in 1966 (age 51);  R&B singer and reality star Tameka Harris in 1975 (age 42);  Black Eye Peas rapper Jaime Taboo Gomez in 1975 (age 42);  Princess Victoria of Sweden in 1977 (age 40);  dancer Peta Murgatroyd in 1986 (age 31);  Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds in 1987 (age 30);  MMA fighter Conor McGregor in 1988 (age 29);  singer Bibi Bourelly in 1994 (age 23).   On this date in history:In 1789, French peasants stormed the Bastille prison in Paris, beginning the French Revolution. The event is commemorated as Bastille Day, a national holiday in France.In 1793, Jean Paul Marat, one of the most outspoken leaders of the French Revolution, was stabbed to death in his bath by Charlotte Corday, a Royalist sympathizer.In 1881, outlaw Billy the Kid was shot to death at a ranch in New Mexico.In 1914, Robert Goddard, father of the space age, was granted the first patent for a liquid-fueled rocket design.In 1933, all political parties except the Nazis were officially suppressed in Germany.In 1966, eight student nurses were found killed in Chicago. Drifter Richard Speck, later convicted of the slayings, died in prison in 1991.In 1968, future Baseball Hall of Fame slugger Hank Aaron became the seventh person to hit 500 home runs for the Atlanta Braves in a win over the San Francisco Giants.In 2007, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that his country would suspend its participation in the Conventional Forces in Europe treaty, a Cold War agreement that limited deployment of heavy weaponry.In 2009, within months after repaying bailout money supplied by the U.S. government, New York banking giant Goldman Sachs reported a profit of $3.44 billion for the first quarter of the year. JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup also reported big profits.In 2014, the Church of England’s governing body voted to allow women to become bishops for the first time in the church’s history.In 2015, the New Horizons space probe came within 7,800 miles of Pluto, providing NASA scientists with the clearest photographs and most detailed measurements they’ve ever seen of the dwarf planet.    A thought for the day    :Maybe this world is another planet’s hell. — Aldous Huxley .Submitted by: Alan

*10)  Quick and Easy Ways to Get Rid of Pesky Ants

If the heat of summer is bringing ants into your home and yard, don’t panic. You may not require toxic pest control products or a professional service to take care of the problem. In fact, chances are good you already have everything you need to do it yourself. Here are 10 ways to get rid of ants using ordinay things from around the house or in the garage.

1.  SOAP AND WATER. If you have ants or other bugs around the house, pour a 50/50 mixture of Blue Dawn dish soap and water into empty spray bottle and keep it handy. When you see the insects, spray them with the mixture. Provided you really saturate those little critters, the soap actually breaks down their exoskeletons, and they die almost immediately. Cheap and easy cleanup, too.

2.  MOP AND VACUUM. To get rid of sugar ants, start by mopping the floor at least once a day. Mopping and vacuuming help to remove the ants’ pheromone trails. Cleaning and mopping will also rid your home of the food and crumbs that attract the ants. Make sure you don’t leave any dirty dishes in the sink and empty the trash bin regularly.

3.  BLACK PEPPER. To deter sugar ants, sprinkle black pepper around the home’s entry points to keep the ants from coming inside.

4.  VINEGAR AND WATER. A 50/50 ratio of water and white vinegar can also deter ants. Spray this mixture on countertops, window sills, and high traffic areas.

5.  WD-40. Spray any areas where ants are feeding or accessing your house with WD-40. The spray will kill ants and also serve as a deterrent from further access as long as residue from the spray remains. Not sure where they’re coming in? Spray WD-40 along the outside perimeter of the house. They will not cross it because ants hate the smell of WD-40. (So do rabbits!) Repeat as necessary.

6.  CHALK. Keep ants at bay by drawing a line around your homes entry points using ordinary blackboard or sidewalk chalk. The ants will be repelled by the calcium carbonate in the chalk.

7.  BOILING WATER. If fire ants plague your yard or patio and you’re tired of getting stung by those tiny attackers, a flowerpot can help you quench the problem. Place the pot upside down over the anthill. Pour boiling water through the drain hole and you’ll be burning them and their house for good.

8.  CITRUS. You don’t need insecticides or ant traps to ant-proof your kitchen. Just give it the lemon treatment. First squirt some lemon juice on door thresholds and windowsills. Then squeeze lemon juice into any holes or cracks where the ants are getting in. Finally, scatter small slices of lemon peel around the outdoor entrance.

9.  COFFEE. Sprinkle your used coffee grounds in the garden and around the outside of your house. Ants are repelled by the scent given off by the grounds and as a bonus coffee grounds are good for your soil and plants.

10.  DIATOMACEOUS EARTH. Make sure you’re using food-grade diatomaceous earth, NOT swimming pool DE, which has been chemically altered. Sprinkle the food-grade DE outside around the perimeter of your home. You can also safely sprinkle it inside where you see the ants. Do not wet the DE or it will not work. Once the ants walk in the fine powder they’ll die because the DE quietly destroys  their exoskeletons.Author : Mary Hunt 

*11)  Founders of AmericaOf the Founders, Benjamin Franklin was the only one to sign all three major documents establishing the United States as an independent nation: the Declaration of Independence; the Treaty of Paris; and the United States Constitution. 
Franklin was a prolific inventor—of the Franklin Stove, the lightning rod, bifocal lenses, and more—and the author of “Poor Richard’s Almanac” in 1732, read by thousands of people in its twenty-five-year history. 

Franklin was also an avid student of the Bible. His Constitutional Convention address on June 28, 1787 contains many references to the Bible, including Genesis and Psalms: “We have been assured . . . in the sacred writings that ‘except the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build it.’ I firmly believe . . . without his concurring aid we shall succeed in this political building no better than the Builders of Babel.”*12)   THE BASEBALL PLAYER Almighty Father, you who are called the “Mighty Umpire” in this game of life, we are not sure what uniforms we should wear.  While we may be Angels in spirit, in reality we are Giants in pride, Dodgers of responsibility and Tigers in ambition.  When it comes to faith, we find ourselves in the minor leagues.  When it comes to good works, we strike out; when it comes to knowledge of your Word, we are not even sure of the ground rules.Therefore, we are thankful for your mercy when we find ourselves in foul territory; for your forgiveness when we commit one error after another; for your uplifting spirit when we find ourselves in the pitfalls of a slump.Dear God may our game plan be your will, and our response a sellout crowd with standing room only.  And, when our number is retired here on earth, may we rejoice to hear you call out, “SAFE,” in His name who gives final victory to all who believe! Amen.– Author Unknown


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