Freya’s Weekend Celebration

Freya’s Weekend Celebration

Freya’s Pre-Birthday Week-End Celebrations
November, 3 2017
Patty L. Fletcher

Hi, campbellsworld visitors!
WOW! That’s all I can say.

Here we are, early Friday, just about sundown.

It’s the 3RD of November, a Freya’s Day, Friday Night Full Moon weekend, and I’m with a friend, who is so much more.

Campbell and I are visiting at Bobby’s house.
We’ve been doing so since May 2015.

Bobby Donald and I went to school together.
We’ve enjoyed, very much,
becoming reconnected, over the last two years.
We’ve been remembering how we came together, the magickal times of that first summer of visiting, growing, and learning with each-other.

We talked of how, Campbell, Bobby, and I, spent that first summer together.

Going to the mall, walking from store to store, having lunch at the food court, Eating Chicken Wraps from Chick Filet.

Walking to Wal-Mart, Pet’s-Mart, and then riding the bus, and walking all the way up that big hill back to the apartments.

Remembering the thrill of having opportunity to work Campbell through…
red-lights, intersections, 4-way-stops, and parking-lots, and enjoying it all.

Me, giving thanks for my awesome Guide Dog training at The Seeing Eye, just a few years before.

He, telling me of how he’d been remembering, that, after that first visit, he found himself amazed, that we were as we were.

I was in many ways as I’d been in our run-around days, when we were working in Morris Town TN at Volunteer Blind Industries.

It turned out, he remembered me, and had good things to say about that time.

He enjoyed walking with me, as I worked Campbell.
In fact, after a couple times walking together, we all began to get into a routine, and though it changes, according to the situation, the three of us work well together.

The guide dog experience and its importants is not lost on Bobby.
He has a great respect, and, for someone who doesn’t use a guide, and some vision, he understands, a lot about what Campbell and I do, and how complex that is.
As I’ve gone through these last two years with him in my life, in some form or fashion, it has been awesome.

Something I’ve never done, has been to pursue a possible relationship, while maintaining and strengthening a wonderful friendship.

So, here I sit, Campbell curled on the couch beside me. Bobby on the patio smoking and talking with his son, on the phone, as they plan their Thanksgiving trip to visit his mother, and how proud it makes me to know that he takes the time to go and visit her, during the holiday season.

That, is the mark, of a wonderful man, and to me, says he values the importants of a woman.

As the music, I chose, plays on the stereo, and the happiness I feel just being here, curled up on the couch with Campbell, writing, living, in a way that I’ve not done in 11 months, and well…
it’s amazing.

Living, that’s it.
This is the first away-trip I’ve taken since being home, and reasonably well.

I’m amazed at how strange it feels.

In fact, at first it had been almost uncomfortable.

Luckily, he has some neighbors, with whom he chats, while smoking, so it gave me time to catch my breath.

I was just a tad bit anxious when we arrived, and that caught me off guard. I’d been so excited to be going, I just didn’t think about what a big deal it really is that, Campbell and I made this trip.

It has been a year since we’ve been here.

After my last trip here, in January of 2017, I started the downhill slide with illness, beginning with the knee injury, on the very night I returned home.

You can read about that Mudslide here on the blog.

As I sit, writing, making sure to capture the moment, I realized this is the first time Campbell and I have, been away since our having been home from the hospital and nursing therapy.

It is a big step toward my being as well as I can be.

And for Campbell to have someone to hang out with and play with other than me.
Someone he doesn’t have to care for in some way, well, it’s good for him, and he’s showing sign of enjoying himself in a big way.

Wagging and grinning that labby grin, every chance he gets.

Great company, great food, great eats, and drinks.

While Bobby was talking with his son, Campbell made it quite clear, he wanted him to take him for a walk.

He went to the door, twice, while Bobby was on the phone, and when he was through, and back inside, I made him aware, and he was happy to take him out.
When they came back, the two of them had some great play-time.
Wrestling, and rough-housing. Something I really cannot do with Campbell as much as I once did.

As I take down these precious moments, they’re, still at it. 😊

Campbell has started his pre-birthday celebration too.

They’re playing, dancing, doing the Wigga Woo!

Campbell brought his favorite teddy bear, we bought last year while we were here, and they are having a blast.

Well, off to enjoy all this for a while.

I heard someone say on a TV show, while talking about flying trips so people could take photos of beautiful places from above, “put the camera down, enjoy what your taking pictures of, make the memory in your mind.”

So that’s what I’m gone to do.

Until next time, this is Patty, who is enjoying her pre-birthday celebration very much, and Campbell A.K.A Bubba saying…
Enjoy every moment, take it down in some way, but also, imprint it firmly into your mind.
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

Saturn’s Day Celebrations: Lesson Learned.
Patty L. Fletcher
November, 4 2017

Well, good morning!
Here we are, on Saturday morning, November 4TH, the Scorpio full moon fully in place, and it is shaping up to be an awesome Saturn’s Day full moon morning, and Freya’s is still lending her love filled power to our continuing celebration.

Morning coffee is to hand, and I had a good, morning walk with my boy.

Something we get here, that we don’t have need of at home, is working to and from the park area, we’ve chosen, and it is good for the both of us to have a bit of a different morning routine.

Bobby followed us down at a distance to make certain we had our Barings in place, and I appreciated that consideration very much.
It’s not everyone who would, get up at 4 AM just to walk a blind woman, and her dog to relieve itself.

Of course, when we came back in, Campbell had to have a moment or two with Bobby, then he took his morning meds, and flopped back out to sleep the morning away, just as he does at home.

Well, for now I’m off, and will write more as the days go by.

Late Evening
November, 4 2017
Mention of bodily function during sickness!
Weak Stomach people be ware!***

It has been a wonderful day.

We spent the morning hanging out, drinking coffee, and generally enjoying ourselves.

When Bobby went to work, I spent time reading eMail, and Facebook posts on my phone, and only when the battery began to fail, did I realize I needed to get started with my day.

I took a hot soaking bath, washed and conditioned my hair, shaved, and bathed with wonderful smelling shower jell.

When Bobby got home from work, I was just finishing cleaning up the kitchen.

I’d eaten too, and was just ready to change clothes, when Bobby told me that his friend Mike was coming over, to take us to the grocery.

This was a nice surprise, so I left the kitchen, went and changed into shorts, brushed my hair, and after putting it into a pony-tail, I declared myself ready to go.

Soon Mike was there, and we were off.

We had a fine trip, and Campbell’s work was spot on.

I worked him in and out of the store, and heeled him while holding onto the buggy, while we shopped.

He behaved beautifully too.
His sniffing was at a minimum, and for this I was, extremely, grateful.

Once back home, I took Campbell to park, while Bobby carried in groceries.
When that was done, we were feeling just a tad hungry, so we had a bite of lunch, and after I made sure Campbell did not need anything else, we took a short nap.
During which I found I could not fall asleep, so at Bobby’s suggestion, I brought my computer into bed, propped up on pillows, and did some work.

I read Emails, Ffacebook and blog posts, and shared what I could.

WordPress has changed something and now we cannot use the PressThis key, after only a month or so back, they had a great post about an update that was to make that very thing function in a more efficient way.

Sounds like they want to sell a blog plan that would include that feature.

Well, as the afternoon went along, I walked Campbell again, and started drinking my wine.

I drank a glass, and had part of my dinner.

I rested a bit, and drank another glass.

As the evening continued, I drank three glasses, and two Mike’s Hard Lemon-aid.

I suddenly was drunk off my ass, sick to my stomach, and not able to puke, or piss.
Just felt like I might explode.
Just when I was looking for a pressure vowlve, it began.
Horrible, throwing-up, and for a moment I thought I might pass-out.

Bobby came in, to check on me, asking if he could get me anything.
I had him wet a cloth for me, and I washed my face, neck and hands, because I felt I had something on me, and after a little while, I began to feel alright again.
I cleaned up after myself, and sent Bobby in to inspect as I came out.

I sure as hell know one thing, I can’t drink like I used to.
Being fifty is gonna suck.
But, it’s great too.
I’ve lived, and learned a ton.

For now, this is Patty, who is way glad to be here, and King Campbell saying, he loves having 2 human servants to pet and love him saying…
May harmony find you and blessid be.

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