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  1. Patty, I know you don’t talk that way, and it’s possible actual southerners don’t talk that way, but that’s how my uncle talks, even though he’s not from the south. He doesn’t talk that way all the time, only when offering guests fresh-squeezed orange juice from his own oranges in his own tree in
    California. LOL! Thank you for reblogging.

    1. Hi Abbie, first I was just teasing. Next, yes, unfortunately there are a few people who refuse to educate themselves and they do talk that way. Not long ago, I was speaking with someone I’d not talked to in a while and I kept having to check the want to correct their language. They weren’t cursing they were just speaking like an uneducated fool. Now, back in the day before everyone could go to school and long before we had the internet I could understand why some would speak this way, however, now that we have all we do and all the government assistance to go along with it there is simply no reason for people to speak this way.

      Abbie, there are people living in regions of the US who are still not educated and though not every place has internet available there are centers in almost every county where people can go to use such services and with the Literacy council as well it just bugs me that this is still the case in some places.

      I could turn on my voice recorder when riding the public transit and most likely get at least one person speaking in a similar way as what you write of here.

      Always a good idea to do a bit of research concerning the areas you write of.

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