Frequent Gallbladder Attacks Disrupting Business, Book Coupon Codes and Book Swap, Rescheduled Surgery, Some Post Delays, New Submission Guideline Reminder – Check Your Submissions, and More #NewsNuggets #What’sup

Frequent Gallbladder Attacks Disrupting Business, Book Coupon Codes and Book Swap, Rescheduled Surgery, Some Post Delays, New Submission Guideline Reminder – Check Your Submissions, and More #NewsNuggets #What’sup

The following has been posted a couple of places. If it’s a repeat for you, please forgive.

Hi everyone, I hope this message finds you doing well.

Here, I’m literally taking it one moment at a time. I can be going along fine one minute and bent double with pain the next. Sometimes it hits me in the back, other times it’s my side and sometimes it’s just everywhere.

Either which case, it’s horrible and is starting to take over my life.

This is why, some of what I had scheduled to do on the blog has not yet happened. There are times when all I can do is sit wrapped in my electric throw, with the heat turned on in my chair and sit waiting for the latest attack to pass.

My surgery has been rescheduled for March the 8TH. I’ve decided since I don’t appear to qualify for the extra hours of assistance from my caregiver company and my insurance doesn’t see fit to provide anything else, I’m going to simply hire done what I need for the animals and leave the rest for my caregiver on Fridays. It will be what it is but the surgery must take place. I cannot deal with this much longer.

Several of you sent me posts some of which were to have gone up on Friday and Yesterday. Between dealing with health issues and obligations with the animals and some Zoom calls, it just didn’t happen. I seem to be having a bit of a reprieve today on the pain so I’m working to try and get caught up.

I also have a couple who are waiting on book coupon codes. Please be patient and I’ll get them to you.

Thank you to all who have read my latest release. I’d be ever grateful if those of you who have read, who have not yet written a review for Smashwords, Goodreads, Amazon or to send directly to me for my blog, would do so. It’s certainly not a requirement but it would be appreciated.

If you are an author, and you’ve read my work and you’d like me to read and review yours, let me know which you’d like to give a bit of attention to and I’ll do it.

It helps if you provide either a coupon code for a copy on Smashwords or if you gift me a Kindle version. Since I’m giving away my book for free I think it is only fair. Book swap does work and I’m enjoying participating in it with all of you who have done so thus far.

Don’t forget, the deadline for the spring/autumn Grapevine is fast approaching. If you would like to submit something for that, please check your guidelines and do so straight away.

The deadline is March 10, 2022 5 PM Eastern. NO ACCEPTIONS

This week, providing I’m not interrupted by my Gallbladder, I’ll be working, Monday and Tuesday, off Wednesday, back to work on Thursday and off on Friday. Then, a catch up day on Saturday.

It looks like my schedule might be fluctuating some over the next few weeks so I’ll keep you in the loop.

Here below are your submissions guidelines again.

I received a couple pieces which were in the old format. Since I just created these new guidelines I did not return pieces. However, if you didn’t follow the following guidelines when you submitted, you could help me hugely by redoing your pieces and sending them to me updated.

Submission Guidelines and Deadlines

  1. Font size .12, type Calibri.
  2. Margins aligned left. *If you indent do not use your spacebar or tab key to do so. Use the setting provide you in your word Notepad or whatever writing application you use. If you need lessons on how to set this in word, please request the Lessons In Word Recording. (Also includes written instructions with hotkeys)
  3. Advert and News Nugget Announcements wordcount 300/500.
  4. Author’s Corner, Authors, They’re Only Human, Reading with the Authors, Business Corner, Tip articles and What’s Up letters wordcount 100/1500
  5. Poetry Place line count 50.
  6. 1 submission per column. Submissions must come attached in a word doc or RTF file and the file title must be the same as the submission title. Adverts are different from announcements.
  7. Title and byline centered at the top of your submission.
  8. include an author bio of 100 words or less. Bio will not count toward wordcount. Your website should be included in your bio. Do not place it in your byline. All reference and resource links will appear after the main text of your submission unless they’re necessary for instructional purposes and you may include one form of contact.
  9. Photos must come in either JPG or PNG files. No PDF and No Zip files please. Please make certain to title each photo file so that it states what is in the photo. No initials or abbreviations please.
  10. If you wish to have more than one photo per article you’ll need to pay a small fee of 1 dollar to assist with additional cost of adding descriptive text. I’ll want Two Pentacles to do the work so the formatting Etc. will match. You can, if you wish, have Two Pentacles work with you on creating photos including descriptive text in a document format you would use to simply copy and paste directly into your article before submitting your work. This way, you’ve something handy to use for multiple promotional opportunities. An example of this for my own personal use is, the picture of me and Blue made shortly after his being given to me. I’m able to paste this into any article or essay I wish. Just a little extra tip today.

Thank you for your compliance with our guidelines and for the privilege of telling the world all about you.

Before I go, here’s a link to my latest blog post. I’d be ever grateful if you read and enjoy it, if you’d like the piece and leave a comment on the site. I’m trying to increase my stats a little.

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