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SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): "Pictures of perfection, as you know,

make me sick and wicked," observed Sagittarian author Jane Austen. She

wrote this confession in a letter to her niece, Fanny, whose boyfriend

thought that the women characters in Jane’s novels were too naughty. In

the coming weeks, I encourage you Sagittarians to regard pictures of

perfection with a similar disdain. To accomplish all the brisk innovations

you have a mandate to generate, you must cultivate a deep respect for the

messiness of creativity; you must understand that your dynamic

imagination needs room to experiment with possibilities that may at first

appear disorderly. For inspiration, keep in mind this quote from Pulitzer

Prize-winning historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich: "Well-behaved women

seldom make history."

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Capricorn novelist Anne Brontë

(1820–1849) said, "Smiles and tears are so alike with me, they are

neither of them confined to any particular feelings: I often cry when I am

happy, and smile when I am sad." I suspect you could have experiences

like hers in the coming weeks. I bet you’ll feel a welter of unique and

unfamiliar emotions. Some of them may seem paradoxical or mysterious,

although I think they’ll all be interesting and catalytic. I suggest you

welcome them and allow them to teach you new secrets about your deep

self and the mysterious nature of your life.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Aquarian philosopher Simone Weil

formulated resolutions so as to avoid undermining herself. First, she

vowed she would only deal with difficulties that actually confronted her,

not far-off or hypothetical problems. Second, she would allow herself to

feel only those feelings that were needed to inspire her and make her take

effective action. All other feelings were to be shed, including imaginary

feelings—that is, those not rooted in any real, objective situation. Third,

she vowed, she would "never react to evil in such a way as to augment it."

Dear Aquarius, I think all of these resolutions would be very useful for

you to adopt in the coming weeks.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): In June 2019, the young Piscean singer

Justin Bieber addressed a tweet to 56-year-old actor Tom Cruise,

challenging him to a mixed martial arts cage fight. "If you don’t take this

fight," said Bieber, "you will never live it down." A few days later, Bieber

retracted his dare, confessing that Cruise "would probably whoop my ass

in a fight." If Bieber had waited until December 2020 to make his

proposal, he might have had more confidence to follow through—and he

might also have been better able to whoop Cruise’s ass. You Pisceans are

currently at the peak of your power and prowess.

ARIES (March 21-April 19): An anonymous blogger on Tumblr writes

the following: "What I’d really like is for someone to objectively watch me

for a week and then sit down with me for a few hours and explain to me

what I am like and how I look to others and what my personality is in

detail and how I need to improve. Where do I sign up for that?" I can

assure you that the person who composed this message is not an Aries.

More than any other sign of the zodiac, you Rams want to *be* yourself,

to inhabit your experience purely and completely—not see yourself from

the perspective of outside observers. Now is a good time to emphasize this


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): "Humans like to be scared," declares author

Cathy Bell. "We love the wicked witch’s cackle, the wolf’s hot breath, and

the old lady who eats children, because sometimes, when the scary is

over, all we remember is the magic." I suppose that what she says is a

tiny bit true. But there are also many ways to access the magic that don’t

require encounters with dread. And that’s exactly what I predict for you in

the coming weeks, Taurus: marvelous experiences—including catharses,

epiphanies, and breakthroughs—that are neither spurred by fear nor

infused with it.



"Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that

station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show." So begins

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GEMINI (May 21-June 20): In 1994, the animated movie *The Lion

King* told the story of the difficult journey made by a young lion as he

struggled to claim his destiny as rightful king. A remake of the film

appeared in 2019. During the intervening 25 years, the number of real

lions living in nature declined dramatically. There are now just 20,000.

Why am I telling you such bad news? I hope to inspire you to make 2021 a

year when you will resist trends like this. Your assignment is to nurture

and foster wildness in every way that’s meaningful for you—whether that

means helping to preserve habitats of animals in danger of extinction or

feeding and championing the wildness inside you and those you care about.

Get started!

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Is there anyone whose forgiveness you would

like to have? Is there anyone to whom you should make atonement? Now is

a favorable phase to initiate such actions. In a related subject, would you

benefit from forgiving a certain person whom you feel wronged you?

Might there be healing for you in asking that person to make amends? The

coming weeks will provide the best opportunity you have had in a long

time to seek these changes.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Scientists know that the Earth’s rotation is

gradually slowing down—but at the very slow rate of two milliseconds

every 100 years. What that means is that 200 million years from now,

one day will last 25 hours. Think of how much more we humans will be

able to get done with an extra hour every day! I suspect you may get a

preview of this effect in the coming weeks, Leo. You’ll be extra efficient.

You’ll be focused and intense in a relaxing way. Not only that: You will also

be extra appreciative of the monumental privilege of being alive. As a

result, you will seem to have more of the precious luxury of time.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Adventurer Tim Peck says there are three

kinds of fun. The first is pure pleasure, enjoyed in full as it’s happening.

The second kind of fun feels challenging when it’s underway, but

interesting and meaningful in retrospect. Examples are giving birth to a

baby or taking an arduous hike uphill through deep snow. The third

variety is no fun at all. It’s irksome while you’re doing it, and equally

disagreeable as you think about it later. Now I’ll propose a fourth type of

fun, which I suspect you’ll specialize in during the coming weeks. It’s

rather boring or tedious or nondescript while it’s going on, but in

retrospect you are very glad you did it.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): "I made the wrong mistakes," said Libran

composer and jazz pianist Thelonious Monk. He had just completed an

improvisatory performance he wasn’t satisfied with. On countless other

occasions, however, he made the right mistakes. The unexpected notes and

tempo shifts he tried often resulted in music that pleased him. I hope that

in the coming weeks you make a clear demarcation between wrong

mistakes and right mistakes, dear Libra. The latter could help bring about

just the transformations you need.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): "Home is not where you were born," writes

Naguib Mahfouz. "Home is where all your attempts to escape cease." I

propose we make that one of your mottoes for the next 12 months,

Scorpio. According to my astrological analysis, you will receive all the

inspiration and support you need as you strive to be at peace with exactly

who you are. You’ll feel an ever-diminishing urge to wish you were doing

something else besides what you’re actually doing. You’ll be less and less

tempted to believe your destiny lies elsewhere, with different companions

and different adventures. To your growing satisfaction, you will refrain

from trying to flee from the gifts that have been given you, and you will

instead accept the gifts just as they are. And it all starts now.


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