Freaky Friday: Going With The Current of Life

Freaky Friday: Going With The Current of Life

Patty L. Fletcher

March 4 2016

As usual, things aren’t going to go as planned. However, I am going to work very hard at not letting it derail my entire day.

I woke at 6:30 and this should’ve given plenty of time for me to drink a cup or two of coffee, and get ready to go. I didn’t need to be at the TRC center until 10:00 or so and so was thinking my pick up time would be at a reasonable time of 9-AM ‘One and a half hours before my arrival time.’ Their policy, not mine.

Still ok with me. I get a call at 7:36 and the message says Net Trans in area be ready.

I talk with the dispatch, I see they’re going to drop me off at nearly an hour before my arrival time is schedule to be. Not sure what person in center has scheduled, no way to have a conversation with them, possible they might even be going somewhere else before center, how am I to know? Not my job to need to know.

So look at situation with clothes, getting ready etc, and see there’s no way on earth I can be ready by the time, dispatch said few minutes after 8 is ETA!

This is unreasonable. I had to cancel my trip, meaning no volunteer work or otherwise. No way to stop at other places I meant to do while in J.C.

Was going to run via bus over to an office I needed to deal with before going home. Simply frustrating!

What to do now?

Well, I have a hand full or so of business cards, going to get myself dressed, and go see where the buses can take me, maybe a coffee shop I never went to before. I have no idea, but I’m not going to sit in this house and feel sorry for what I couldn’t help. I’d hoped this would be something I could do, and on top of this, I fear it will boot me from another board I was asked to serve on.

Very aggravated and frustrated! I wish   that I could do some of this from home, but it doesn’t look to be so. Have an awesome day everyone!

Plan… Going to look online for book stores in the area, and call a few, get locations, then work with KATS to see what or where they might be able to take me to. If this doesn’t work, I know a couple coffee places I can go. If that doesn’t work, there is always some eatery I can hang out in for a little while, grab a burger, and beer and work on proofing my second book, or working on The Newsletter. Work on school work, etc.

No need to sit home and pout over what cannot be helped, so not a solid plan but hell! I’ve just been told I needed to switch streams in the middle of horses. Yes I wrote that. I was texting via voice a while ago, and said that to someone, a product of stress, so just left it. Not going to try and be anything but me today, making no firm promise like yesterday first thing, not setting myself up to fail. Going with the current of life this day.

If I always do as I have, I’m going to always have as I’ve had. LOL! Blessid Be.



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