For Immediate Release: Breaking Barriers Working and Loving While Blind by, Peter Altschul

For Immediate Release: Breaking Barriers Working and Loving While Blind by, Peter Altschul


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New Memoir Explores Working, Training Guide Dogs, Falling in Love While Totally Blind

Author Peter Altschul releases new memoir: “Breaking Barriers: Working and Loving While Blind”

COLUMBIA, MO — How do a specially-trained guide dog and a person who is blind learn to work together to become a team? And what lessons might those who lead others in the workplace learn from this process? These are two of the themes that the author weaves into his compelling memoir.

Altschul focuses on a thirty-month period in his life, beginning with his fifth guide dog, a Labrador Retriever named Jules, and ending with his move from his urban bachelor lifestyle in Washington, DC, to committed family man in Columbia, Missouri. Along the way, he describes his unique professional journey as customer service rep, trainer of New York City taxi drivers, mediator between pro-life and pro-choice activists, and workplace diversity specialist — all done with the assistance and companionship of five guide dogs. He also writes about his upbringing, his relationship with music, and the unexpected deaths of his stepmother and father.

“Breaking Barriers is richly descriptive, humanely attentive to all the people in the author’s life, and especially wonderful where his amazing guide dogs are concerned. But what I really love is the way the author creates a narrative of forward momentum: each scene is about going ahead, taking the next turn, seizing the moment. And then there’s the emotional intelligence of the narrator who sees where he’s been and can relate what he knows now–this is the crucial thing in memoir. And it truly happens in this book!”

– Stephen Kuusisto, Director, The Renee Crown University Honors Program and University Professor, Syracuse University

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About the Author

Peter Altschul assists groups and organizations to become better at motivating people, resolving conflicts, managing diversity, and planning for the future. A published composer, he lives with his new guide dog, Heath, in Columbia, Missouri, with his wife, Lisa; her three children, three standard poodles, and a python named Monty.

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