Football! Time! In! Tennessee! / Distracted!

Football! Time! In! Tennessee! / Distracted!

I woke up this day feeling a lot of emotions. If you’ve been following my blog, reading my rantings from the Campbell kingdom, you know, that I have been through a lot of late and that I am this particular weekend hanging out on my own on purpose. As I am here now, i’m listening to the Tennessee Florida Game on the radio. Just Campbell, and me. While I have been listening, I have been straightening clothes, and lying out an outfit to walk Campbell at halftime. If the temperature has cold enough we will walk to the corner store and pick up drinks. If it has not, we will walk around the yard. Either way we will get exercise, he will get relieved, and if I am lucky, I will get a beer.

It certainly won’t be the end of the world if I don’t. I drank last night, enjoyed it, and suffered no horrible after affect this morning.

It is 90° out now, and I will not want for a beer in this heat, because there is no shade on the way there or back. So if it is still as hot then as now we will settle for the yard. Maybe later, or tomorrow.
Score just changed! Not for the good! Tennessee still losing dammit! 14/0

Second-quarter almost over! WOW!

Never bblogged in real time before. Dictating, listening, dictating!
I have had a lot of thoughts go through my mind. As I folded clothes organized my dresser and straighten my room, this thing they call it a security coping mechanism I have going on. I listen to the game, and imagine what it might be like if what I have been praying, casting four, actually came to be. I always heard be careful what you wish/Witch for!
Not saying don’t want it. Just saying not sure I’m as ready as I thought.

3 50 to go first half. 21 gators zero Tennessee! 😞
OK! Can’t multitask anymore brain fried! 🙄 no more blogging in football right now! Going to give all my power to the game! 2/39 to go


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