First Week Home Folly: a Campbell’s Calamity Rewrite

First Week Home Folly: a Campbell’s Calamity Rewrite

First Week Home Folly
Patty L. Fletcher
October, 23 2017

This article was first published in an Online Magazine called Really Good Quotes in the column Campbell’s Calamities as ‘First Week Home’ and has now been rewritten.
Campbell and I hope you enjoy reading.

We’d only been home for just over a week together when the following took place.

We were new and green as we could be, and so far, we’d been doing reasonably well together.

I was just beginning to think we were getting a handle on things, but I was soon to see, maybe we still had a way to go.

I had been to work half the day and was just getting home. I went up to our apartment and after removing Campbell’s harness, changing clothes, and seeing to Celine Kitty, I took Campbell outside for a good walk around the yard. By this time, we were getting comfortable on the property, so I didn’t have him in his harness. I was just heeling him around the yard on a long leash, letting him sniff a bit and take care of his business.

We were just about to turn and head for the house when suddenly Campbell somehow got loose from his leash. Being quite the playful pup that he still was, he went running around the yard at top speed. I was terrified! We were literally feet from the street, and I knew that if he got distracted by a squirrel or another dog, he might run right out into all the afternoon traffic, which, at that time of day is quite heavy.

I called to him, but even I could hear the fear and upset in my voice, and I knew from what I’d learned in training that that type of voice would never do. So, I ran around to the stairs, patting my pocket, which had a small Ziploc bag filled with treats in it, and sang out in a happy, upbeat voice, “Campbell! Come! Come on to Mommy! Let’s have a treat!” I took a chance and ran up the stairs, continuing to sing to him as happily as I could, trying desperately to keep the fear out of my voice and to remember my training.
Just as I reached the top step and turned around, I heard Campbell snuffing around the bottom of the stairs. So, I pulled the bag of treats from my pocket, unknowingly catching it on something else as it came free.

Kneeling, and shaking the bag, I called to him, saying, “Come on, big guy, let’s have a treat!” He came roaring up the steps and hit me with all his big labby force, knocking me flat on my arse! I laughingly gathered him to me, feeling a huge wave of relief sweep through me as I held him in my arms once again.

Just then, the bag I was holding turned upside down and treats began to spill out; I reached down to pick them up before Campbell could eat them all at once. However, unbeknownst to me, the bottom of the bag they were in was now ripped. So, just as quickly as I was tossing the treats into the bag, they were falling back out through the new opening at the other end. Campbell was literally catching them in his mouth and gobbling them as fast as he could.

This took a moment to register. When I realized what he was doing, I could do nothing but laugh. I sat him down quickly with a firm “Sit!” and followed that up with an even firmer “Leave it!” But there was still a bit of laughter in my voice, so Campbell (who was no doubt thinking something along the lines of Aw, she doesn’t really mean it!) tried for just one more treat.

Finally, I got what few treats were left picked up and back into what was left of the bag, and then I got us both back into the apartment. I was still laughing to myself as I got us settled in. I’d learned a couple of valuable lessons from what had happened outside, and I was very glad to see that it had all worked out in the end. So, once again, because I’d done exactly as my instructor had taught me, all was well.

“King Campbell A.K.A Bubba here, don’t yall listen to her, she tells tails) tales!”

Well, folks, this is Patty, who knows it’s the truth, and King Campbell A.K.A Bubba who says, “Pfui on that” saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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