First Day of Therapy, and the Decision

First Day of Therapy, and the Decision

August 1, 2017


Patty L. Fletcher

Sister Lady MoonWalker


Hi to all! It’s been a busy busy day, here in the Campbell Kingdom.

IMG_3905Campbell and I left the house this AM at about 10:30 or so. We headed on over to Asbury Place Kingsport Health Care Center, and to our first Outpatient Therapy Session. When we got there, we were met by our old Therapist Friends, a Nurse or two and then our new Therapist.

It was challenging at first, and I’d expected it to be so. I’d expected to be met with the realization that I was not in as good of a shape as I wanted to be. I knew I’d encounter physical challenges, as well as the challenge of helping the Therapist get used to Campbell and me.

First, off in a way this was correct. Although I have to give the staff credit they prepared the Therapist well.

The challenge came in an unexpected way.

His name. My new Outpatient Therapist’s name is Donnie. I haven’t spoken of this anywhere until now. I decided right then and there. I decided I would not allow that to stop me or hold me back.

It is a name. He is not ‘Donnie my EX’ I refuse to be held, or hold another prisoner by my past. That goes against all the hard, and challenging work I’ve done thus far, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

I made the correct choice. He is polite, kind, respectful funny, and knowledgeable. He listened well, when I explained things, and did awesome with Campbell and me. After the session of working on the New Step machine and doing the Strength Building Work-Out routine, I ate lunch with my old Therapist Brooke, and her student.

After Brooke went to see about her afternoon patients, I sat getting to know the student a bit better.

Tailor asked good questions, took instructions well, and we went on a great walk with Campbell, she took away new knowledge, and I got a bit more exorcise, and work with my dog, in a cool comfortable safe environment.

After we finally got picked up by KATS again, I realized I was out of coupons, and so, I had them take us on a detour trip to the station, and after I picked up a book of ADA Door-To-Door Van Service coupons, and a Public-Transit-Pass we headed home.

Now, here we are. The maintenance Man has just left. He came by, to set up my dryer with a new vent hose, and level the feet.

I traded dryers with my Nephew and his family and this needed a bit of work

All’s well, I have a great cup of coffee beside me. Have had my afternoon meds, and a great evening is yet to be had.

Something else I would like to let you all know! As I wrote yesterday, prosperity does abound!
I not only received my reimbursement for my Medicare premium, I am now receiving my complete disability benefits, and, I have six, paying clients for my tell it to the world marketing. I am self-employed, and I am self sufficient

Listening to the end of Here and Now on NPR and All Things Considered up next.

Have a great afternoon, may harmony find you, and from all here in the Campbell Kingdom…

 blessid be.



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  1. By golly campbellsworld visitors! Isn’t that awesome?

    We’re making it!

    By winter we’ll be ready!!!

    Thanks all!

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