Feedback and Media Kits and Constructive not Hurtful Criticism #Author’sCorner, #BusinessCorner, #Tips

Feedback and Media Kits and Constructive not Hurtful Criticism #Author’sCorner, #BusinessCorner, #Tips


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The other day, I asked for feedback concerning the media kit I posted along with a post.

I’m attaching the shortened version I used that day and another one to show you examples of media kits. here in case some did not read it or would like to read it again.

For the most part, the feedback, and questions I got were constructive and useful.

One piece of feedback, though I am coming to realize after some thought the person probably did not mean it in the way they wrote it, well, the way in which the person gave their feedback hurt my feelings.

Now, I probably did not react as I should have when reading that critique, and I am taking it under advisement, but this happening has inspired me to talk about giving constructive criticism.

It is totally fine to say something doesn’t work. It’s fine to tell the person why, but please give careful thought to how you present what you’re trying to get across. I pride myself in not letting things bother me but there are some things I’m extremely self conscious about and this problem pointed out to me in a not so nice manner is one I struggle with.

My front teeth are no longer with me. I knocked them out years ago. I had a very nice and quite expensive porcelain bridge made and cemented into my mouth. It cost me nearly 2500 dollars and I paid for every bit of it. My dad paid the dentist, and I made payments to my dad until they were paid for.

Some years later, my now EX slammed a door into my face and broke the tooth on one side of my mouth where the bridge was connected and then as we were moving later, the bridge got lost. Donnie swore he did not do it on purpose but now I have reason to believe he did.

Some years after that I managed to have a plastic partial made and for a while that worked. Then due to damage in my mouth caused by medications I take the teeth that connected to when I put the partial in broke and made it impossible to use.

Now, I’m working on getting assistance to have all my remaining teeth pulled and dentures made.

I was not aware I’d laughed just about the time the picture was taken I was not careful as I usually am, and it showed that I had no front teeth.

Now, someone else probably might should have told me that. But I did not know, and so when the person wrote as they did it hit a button and though I was not over the top or anything I should not have emailed with my first reaction.

This leads me to my Pathways with Patty call coming this week, I’m going to start talking about electronic communication and now I’ve something else to add to the list. Don’t hit send until you’re sure you’re not going to offend.

Well, anyhow, I’m taking the info under advisement and I’m talking with my editor about the photo and another I found that might be more appropriate to use.

Now, onto media kits.

Pranav asked a great question this morning about the bio stuff on the writer’s grapevine group.

OK. I was dictating then and so I’m going to try to do a better job on the answers here.

First, normally unless I were doing a blog tour or some major promo the entire media kit which was what was in the post in question would not be included in a post. The media kit is a document which houses all your information. The bio portion should address personal questions asked of you from your readers or business prospects if you’re comfortable adding it.

The order in which things go in a media kit is totally up to you.

Because TTW Marketing Services doesn’t exist and I’m only taking sponsor members for the blog I did not include the business info first. I added it after the bio stuff, which is my way.

The media kit should have, bio info, book, or business info, if you’re a writer it should also show your published works other than your full-length books and you should include all websites where your material is found.

For blog posts, and the like a 100-word bio is enough.

Most magazines and other publications which accept work like a short bio. But if you’re querying agents or other such things you want that media kit ready to go.

So, there’s the scoop on a Wednesday evening.

Have a super day.

May harmony find you and blessid be.

Patty L. Fletcher

Bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled

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  1. Robbie Cheadle Reply
    April 25, 2024

    Hi Patty, I am sorry to read that Donnie broke your tooth. That sounds very painful and upsetting. Thanks for this post. A good reminder to people not to make comments about others.

    1. Yes, quite painful. The worst though was the beginning when I fell and knocked my three front teeth out.
      And it wasn’t so much what was said, it was its delivery.

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