Featured Author – Patty Fletcher, interviewed by Claire Plaisted.

Featured Author – Patty Fletcher, interviewed by Claire Plaisted.

campbell-21First, tell us, in your own words, a little about you.

Hmmmm? Me, well, I suppose the best thing to do is copy some stuff from my bio, and go from there.

Patty Lyne Fletcher is my name. Yep! That’s me alright! This is my bio all about me and my crew

I’m a 49-year-old single mother with a beautiful daughter, of whom I am very proud. I have a great son-in-law and five beautiful grandchildren. Three girls, and two boys. I hope to be able to write more about them later on. I own and handle a Black Labrador from The Seeing Eye™ named Campbell Lee—a.k.a. Bubba Lee or King Campbell, to give just a couple of his nicknames. He is the best thing in my life, and there is, nothing or no one that I love more than he. No matter what, he is right there by my side, every step of the way. He willingly puts himself between me and ginormous cars each and every-day. Do you have any human family or friends that will do that? I don’t.

When and where I was born

I was born November 1967 in Kingsport, Tenn., where I also grew up.

About my blindness

I was born one and a half months premature. My blindness was caused by my being given too much oxygen in the incubator. I was partially sighted until 1991, at which time I lost my sight due to an infection after cataract surgery and high eye pressure. I used a cane for 31 years before making the change to a guide dog.

Where I live and work

Currently, I live and work in Kingsport, Tenn. I used to work for CONTACT-CONCERN of Northeast Tennessee, Inc. I left that position in order to spend time with family and pursue my writing full time.

Things haven’t gone for my family and me like I’d like so, for the time being I’ve thrown myself into my work.

Who, are the special people in your life

I do have some special ‘People’ in my life. One would be Mr. Dave Light. He and his wife, have over the years become very good friends of mine. I met Dave while working for Contact Concern of Northeast Tennessee, when I appeared on behalf of my supervisor now retired, Lynn Sorrell, who also happens to be a special ‘People’ on the radio show AM Tricities that Dave hosts. Once my work with Contact Concern ended, Dave and I remained friends.

There is also, my dear friend, Bobby Donald. He and I went to school together, and thanks to the magik of Facebook reconnected in early April of 2015 and we have become fabulous friends. He and King Campbell get along famously, and that’s a big PLUS in my world.

There are of course some staff from The Seeing Eye I’d like to name. Retiring Trainer Drew Gibbon, Sr. Instructor of The Seeing Eye. Without Drew, Campbell and I would not be together. He was a patient, kind, and thanks be to Mother Father God an old school hard-nosed instructor who, taught me how to do it right. Drew, we love you dude!!! It’s been 6 years this week since we’ve seen you here in the Campbell Kingdom, but we think of you often and we’d like to think you’re proud of what we’ve become. We’ve been through huge challenges but what a team we did turn out to be!

We’d also like to recognize now retired Senior Specialist From The Seeing Eye, John Keane. Mr. Keane helped to teach me how to love myself.

Also there is Walt Sutton Training and Instruction Manager, because he never fails to be there when and if Campbell and I need him. During our hospital stay in May he was a constant support.

And finally, from that ancient and magickal land The Seeing Eye, we’d like to remember, Lukas Franck. He too supports us in times of stress and need, and that support is much appreciated.

Do you have any pets?

I do not currently have any pets. When my two kitties Celine Kitty and Kitty Bob left for the Rainbow Bridge I simply did not replace. I’m getting older, like to get out and about, so having an animal at home who has to be looked after when Campbell and I are away just is not something I can handle at this time.

What are your likes, and dislikes?

I love ice cream, good long books, classic rock music, and wine!

My dislikes? Well I don’t have many, but I honestly think my biggest dislike on planet are people who say out of one side of their mouths, “Treat me just like everyone else” While saying with the other, “Oh! I cannot do that, I’m disabled.” Well, which is it?

What are your hobbies?

I have a couple new ones on top of what is listed in my bio. Reading and reblogging blogs is one. I think I’m hopelessly addicted to blogs. I also have a huge love for Farcle, and 1000 Miles both games I love to play on my phone.


What keeps you going?

Knowing that each day I awake is another day I can work to make some kind of difference in the world.

What is your favorite song?

My favorite song is Celebrate by Earth Wind and Fire.

What is your favorite movie?

I’d like to see The Dark Tower by Stephen King, and if it is as good as the book series, that would probably be it. Right now, if I had to pick one it would be IT by Stephen King! Awesome!

What is your favorite book?

The Dark Tower series book Five. Wolves of the Calla. By, Stephen King.

Who is your favorite author?

Stephen King. If I could meet only one, that would be it. He inspires me in ways I cannot describe. Every time I think I might give this writing thing up, I remember how he wasn’t always a bestseller. How he too had to work, and be rejected and work harder. So, I figure one day someone might read something I write, and they’ll love it and that will be that. Till then, that cannot happen if I don’t keep on keepen on.

But, my most favorite author, is my King Campbell A.K.A Bubba. He wrote Bubba Tails. I only typed it for him. “GO BUBBA! GO BUBBA!”

What is your favorite food?

Fried Shrimp Puffs!

What is your favorite quote?

“I know I’m alive because I can look behind me and see the wreckage of my life”

Author unknown.

What is your favorite affirmation?

“Take a chance. There’s a 50 percent chance you’ll be right”

Drew Gibbon Sr. Instructor Seeing Eye.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve is when people are discriminated against. This is the 21ST century and there’s no reason for it. My next to biggest are products, websites, etc. that are not accessible for the blind. Again 21ST century.

What do you think your best strengths are?

Being tolerant of others, and trying to accept them as they are.

How do they help you in your work?

I think if I could not accept folks as they are, I would not be a very good writer, because all my books fiction and nonfiction go along that theme.

What are your weaknesses, and, how are you working on making them stronger?

My biggest weakness is becoming frustrated with persons I know could do better if only they’d try.

I’m trying to work on that, and accept them as they are. Trying to realize maybe there are things that have happened that make them that way now verses how they used to be, and if it is that they’ve just stopped trying, to accept that I cannot fix that.

What is your dream for the future?

My dream for the future is to have everyone no matter who they are, how they are disabled, what they believe or how much money they make belong. I cannot tell you how hard it is to join a group only to find I’m either too blind, too mentally ill, or too Fibro.

I was once told by someone, “Your problems go far beyond the scope of what we do here.” And while that may have been true to a certain extent, the reason for which I was told that, was quite hurtful and made me feel quite alone with a problem I had help creating.


How, does that relate to your work, as a writer?

I write of this and other similar experiences in my book Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life and soon to be released, The Raw Truth: Campbell’s Rambles Book Two. I also write of it in my blog series, ‘A Chance Meeting: a Lady MoonWalker Story’ Which I hope to publish as an eBook soon.

What is your preferred way of communicating?

I like Email, Text, Messenger, and Phone.


How, can someone reach you if they’re interested in buying from you, or working with you, in some way?

The best way to reach out to me is via Email at: patty.volunteer1@gmail.com

Once a connection has been made, I’ll decide how to proceed with communications.

Is there anything about you, that you’d like to share, that I’ve not covered here?

Well, I cannot think of much, other than maybe adding my media info.

So, here’s all things Patty and Campbell.

Welcome to my Media Kit King Campbell and I are pleased to present some wonderous stories and art work to you all. Enjoy.

Bubba Tails from the Puppy Nursery at The Seeing Eye Written by Patty L. Fletcher Told by, King Campbell Lee – The Seeing Eye Dog AKA Bubba

Fall 2017

In this magical and love filled tail, King Campbell AKA Bubba travels to the puppy nursery at The Seeing Eye to help ready a group of puppies who are just about to embark on the fabulous journey of learning to become Seeing Eye dogs. Just as he is about to finish his tail, a wee pup becomes very frightened of all that lies ahead, and one frightfully stormy night she runs away! Will King Campbell hear the urgent call from the puppy nursery in time? Will they find her and save her so she can fulfill her destiny?

The use of Tail instead of Tale for story and Magik instead of Magic is intended for these short stories. A great play on words from King Campbell

Buy Link

Why I write.

I wrote Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life to tell the story of how going to The Seeing Eye™ and getting Campbell, learning to love, handle, and work him, then coming home and adding him to my life, gave me true freedom.

I tell of how changing from being a 31-year cane user to being a guide dog handler taught me things about myself I had never known before. I tell of the wonderment I experienced when I finally took that chance. A major goal of mine is to help others who find themselves in domestic violence situations. I also want to help others learn more about mental illnesses and how different situations and environments can drastically affect those with such challenges.

I tell how training affected me physically as a result of the fibromyalgia I deal with, along with the side effects of the medications I take. I focus on bipolar disorder, on how it can go horribly wrong and cause a person to behave in ways they normally would not.

Another thing I have attempted to show is how, in certain institutional settings, attachments can develop—and how those attachments can become unhealthy for all concerned if they are not handled correctly. Most simply, I want others to know more about me.

In Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye, it is King Campbell Super Seeing Eye Dog A.K.A Bubba’s turn to tell his tale.

While helping to ready a group of pups to go and meet their puppy raiser families, so they too, might one-day become Seeing Eye dogs, he tells of whatit was like for him, to grow up and become a Seeing Eye dog.

My spiritual faith

I am a spiritual walker. I claim no particular faith, either Christian or pagan. I simply know that there is God and Goddess, or Mother Father God, as some call her/him. I lean toward the natural approach, or Druidism (Druidry), as it promotes harmony and respect for all beings, including the environment.

I am also very interested in herbs and their healing properties. I recently enrolled in a course that will allow me to earn a certificate in the field of working with herbs.






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