Featured Author of the Week – Sally Showalter coauthor of Telling Tales and Sharing Secrets #BookRelease #FeaturedAuthor #TellingTalesAndSharingSecrets

Featured Author of the Week – Sally Showalter coauthor of Telling Tales and Sharing Secrets #BookRelease #FeaturedAuthor #TellingTalesAndSharingSecrets

Good afternoon, everyone.

Today, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you, author Sally Showalter. She and her writing group authored the book Telling Tales and Sharing Secrets.

I hope you’ll check out the website at the end of this interview for the book.

For now, I give you, Sally.

First, in your own words tell us a little about you.

Where do you live? Tucson, Arizona

Who are the special people in your life? My husband, brother and family, and various significant friends.

Do you have any pets? Two cats. I have had cats since a kid and they are always rescues. They are such an extension of love and friendship.

What keeps you going? I mean, like what inspires you and keeps you moving forward in your work? Love of words, the time spent writing stories, poetry, memoir, and journaling. It seems thoughts, ideas, and memories are and will be never-ending.

What is your favorite song? So many but will say I Want to Kiss You All Over, by Foreigner.

What is your favorite movie? Feel free to list multiple titles. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Magnificent Seven, Wizard of Oz.

What is your favorite book? Feel free to list multiple titles. A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles, Huckleberry Finn, Little Women, Safekeeping by Abigail Thomas, and more!

What is your favorite food? Feel free to elaborate on all your favorites. I love pasta and what can be swirled in, around, over, and under. Yum. Also, chocolate and toffee.

What is your favorite quote? ‘God created a cat so man could have the pleasure of caressing a tiger.’ – Victor Hugo

What is your favorite affirmation? Does it in some way relate to your work? Let your Yes mean Yes and No mean No. To be positive, creative, and helpful.

What is your biggest pet peeve? I have many, but all little ones could add up to one biggy if not careful.

What do you think your best strengths are, and how do they help you in your work as a writer? Experimenting and looking past the existing. In my work, it is trying whatever may come to mind, playing with it later, moving and pushing it around on paper. Just as in gardening or painting, it is about putting objects, and ideas in varying spots, looking from and at different angles, looking through the glass so to speak.

What are your weaknesses, do they hinder your work, and how are you making them stronger? Patience. I lack patience. Allowing myself to get distracted, and not stay focused on certain things. Yes, these hinder my work. I am in dire need of Butt Paste.

What is your dream for the future, and how does it relate to your work as a writer? I want to stay as healthy as I can, and my husband. We both are aging, and that takes a lot of time, energy, and worry. My time spent on the creative side of my life takes more effort. But when I have that time, I fill it.

What is your preferred way of communicating and how can someone best reach you if they should wish to buy from or work with you in some way? Email is always good; I check several times a day. If a phone call works better for anyone, I am great with that.

Before you go, is there anything you’d like to add about yourself, or your work that I’ve not asked? Much of my writing stems from growing up in rural Illinois where I was born. I was raised around all my family on both sides of my parents. Once I moved to southern Arizona in 1973, it took years to overcome the change. I began to understand both ends of the stick of wanting to leave rural life and experience something broader. Both of which have been a blessing and enrichment.

Check out Telling Tales and Sharing Secrets here.


  1. Patty, Thank you so very much for this opportunity. I encourage contact with any questions or comments to my personal email as well. This is wonderful!

    1. Hi, Sally. That’s great but your email is not listed in the interview nor does it show here. If you can copy it into the comment section that would be great.

  2. Sally, your interview questionnaire reveals how interesting and talented you are as a writer!

  3. Sally, your interview shows how interesting and talented you are as a writer!

    1. Hi, Jackie.
      Thanks for dropping by.
      I’m glad you enjoyed Sally’s interview.
      I cannot wait to share yours as well.
      PS. Could you check with Sally. She sent a note saying she was having some trouble with hreading this. Does it read OK for you?
      Maybe you can help her out.

      1. Sure Patty, I’ll try.

  4. Patty, I noticed also the links did not appear in the interview. To cover the basis: Here is the contact for me: salsbook@ymail.com
    Website contact: https://writerswrites.com/
    Telling Tales at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Telling-Sharing-Secrets-Jackie-Collins-ebook/dp/B0B6Y7P9XJ/
    At Barnes and Noble : https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/telling-tales-and-sharing-secrets-jackie-collins/1141757985?ean=9781639884629

    Jackie, thank you for your kind words! Can’t wait to read your interview.

  5. Well, neither of us know what or why but she shut down and restarted her computer and the problem disappeared. LOL.

    1. Hi, I have posted two different interviews from you Not sure either one of those had the links in them to begin with. No worries and thanks for this information.
      I’ll be following up and following you in these places when I come off staycation after convention is over.
      Thanks and have a lovely day.

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