Fascinating!___ Medieval Monday: The Labors of April


  1. Danielle Ledet Reply
    April 4, 2017

    Well for some reason I am getting a certificate problem and can’t read this one. How did you read it?

    1. I simply clicked the source link, and read it. Go out and try re-entering the site. It’s your security. You should be able to tab past that message to a tab that says allow or don’t allow or yes or no button.

  2. Danielle Ledet Reply
    April 4, 2017

    Something about it having a strong signature. It’s sayng the date is valid and it is valid but the name is wrong. Whether I choose Yes or No it doesn’t matter it just keeps recycling the message!

    1. Are you trying to click the link? I need more info than what you’re telling me to help you? If it is a matter of the email that’s your security. If it is a matter of the link not working when you click it, let me know.

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