Facebook Down in Nationwide Outage

Facebook Down in Nationwide Outage

OK. After I wrestled with FB for an hour, did away with messenger, which I won’t I refuse, I will never use again, I have learned that there is an outage and it is nationwide.

So, while I do not regret my decision to leave messenger far behind because I have always despised it, I do regret yelling at my computer while the window was open. LOL.

It’s hot as hell on the 5TH day of March in Northeast TN it’s thundering and it is disgusting.

I’m going to snuggle with my dog read a book and pretend there’s not one damn thing I need to do now.


Love all y’all.

This is being sent to multiple places.

Also, my Website and I are having war too so if you suddenly get an error message here please do not worry as soon as I can find the blasted button which will let me upgrade some services I’ll fix it.

Casey Mathews calls me Vex because he says I can have some of the most vexing tech issues ever. He’s right.

I don’t even think, he, the vex fixer can find this bloody button.


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