Exploring Kendrick Park by Abbie Johnson Taylor #WednesdayWords #WeeklySmile #AuthorsCorner

Exploring Kendrick Park by Abbie Johnson Taylor #WednesdayWords #WeeklySmile #AuthorsCorner

In favorable weather, I enjoy walking through the local park, feeling a fresh breeze, breathing in the scent of new-mown grass and flowers, hearing the happy cries of children in the playground, the chatter and occasional recorded music from the picnic shelters. When my family first moved here to Sheridan, Wyoming, a cement road encircled the park. A few years ago, half of that road was converted into a walking path, limiting traffic.

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Exploring Kendrick Park #WednesdayWords #WeeklySmile #Inspiration

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  1. Thanks to Patty for letting me post this here. I hope you enjoyed my little trip up Memory Hill, so to speak.

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