Eve’s Cooking by Abbie Johnson Taylor #AuthorsCorner

Eve’s Cooking by Abbie Johnson Taylor #AuthorsCorner

In The Red Dress, my protagonist, Eve, a bestselling author, feeds her family mostly ready-made meals, claiming not to have enough time to do much cooking. But as the book progresses, she learns that providing a homecooked meal for her family is just as important as producing and selling a book.

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  1. Thanks to Patty for allowing me to guest post here. I hope you all enjoy Eve’s enchilada casserole recipe. Happy eating!

    1. Abbie, I’m happy to have you along in Patty’s Worlds. It’s great to see you using your published work in this way.

      1. Hi Robbie, thanks for reading and for commenting to let me know you enjoyed it.
        I am inspired by author bloggers such as yourself, and Sally Cronin. People like you have helped to shape me into the author blogger I am today.
        I’ve miles to go before I sleep but I do love what I do.

        1. Hi Robbie, It’s my privilege and pleasure to share.
          So, you’re welcome.

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