Even if you’ve no Physical Vision, read.Portrait painting workshop……

Even if you’ve no Physical Vision, read.Portrait painting workshop……

Why do I post this? OK, when I was a kid, I had some usable vision, but not enough to draw what I imagined the world to look like, and I would become very frustrated.

Then one day I wrote a short story, just for fun, and a light came on. I could paint what I saw with words, but I’ve always been fascinated with painting and photography as well, so I follow things like this.

The descriptions here are awesome, and I get the feel of the challenge, and due to my Word Doodling, and making pictures with writing, I can relate and enjoy!

I know what is meant when it is written, “I just enjoyed being in the moment.” Sometimes when I write, just off the cuff, I don’t always catch all my writing mistakes. I’m just, “In the moment.”

Sometimes when I’m writing about myself, because there’s nothing else going on, I begin to see myself in a whole new way, and that is as it is for the painter as well.

Then there’s writing about others. You’ll never see that hot crush the same way if you sit down and try to write him, or draw him.

Never fails, you end up going, “Seriously? That?” Not every single time, but well, I have done it.

I just really enjoyed this post.

Source: Portrait painting workshop……

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