Escape from Illness

Escape from Illness

This post is from the Digital Book Review Email List, run by Nolan Crab, and Don Horn. The two of them along with Rick Harmon have helped, all us Digital Book Junkies transfer from one email list-serve to another smoothly and without a whole lot of issue.

They’ve kept us together Server, body, and Subject, and topics as well.

Now, here I am fortunate enough to be posting all these reviews, and want to share them with you all here as well.

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Hi, and so happy to see all the old friends who have been missing for so long. Excellent job! To all who have helped to make all this most magnificent magik possible!

As many of you know, I have been battling injury, and sickness since, Mid-January. From the living-room-loveseat on Campbell’s Corner, to the Skilled Care Facility, Asbury Place Kingsport

And, Home Again, Campbell  and I have come.

During all this, I’ve had the list, book reviews, and books, to keep me sort-of-sane. I couldn’t have managed all I’ve been through had I not had the company of the list and books to see me through.

Below, are some books that I read, before, during and after, hospital, and Skilled Care Facility, which seriously helped me along my way. While, some have been reviewed before by me, there are some new reviews, and thoughts added, to the old. Being in hospital, gives one time to think. Then, coming home, and realizing you dodged a bullet which could’ve very well resulted in your death, gives new perspective. I hope you’ll give at least one of these reviewed here a try.

*Reader Note*

The brief Author note and review at the end is only meant as appreciation. Please, do not take it any other way, I ask you?

Love much Patty, and Campbell.

Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts.

To, Nolan, Don, and Rick!


All Lister-Members!

Books…Books…Reviews…and, More!

Hello everyone! This is Patty, and Super Seeing Eye Dog, King Campbell, A.K.A Bubba reviewing from the belly of Holston Valley Hospital.

Since my being admitted on Wednesday of this past week, I’ve determined that being admitted to a hospital, is much like being swallowed. Once you go in, you’re simply disconnected from the outside world. Except for TV, Radio, and the occasional visitor, of which I’ve only had two, it can be a pretty hard place to be in.

Thanks, be to all the Gods, and Goddesses, that are, ever have been, or ever will be, there is BARD, and books.

Really though, I’ve been battling injury and illness, since all the way back into the winter, and very early spring.

During recovery from what I believed at the time to have been a cold, but turned into a nasty upper respiratory infection, and after, just having partially recovered from a major knee injury, I finished The Wheel of time series. Now, I believe I may have reviewed this before, but just so I’m sure, I’m going to add it in again.

Like I say, I am pretty sure I have sent this in, because it is in my folder of books read, and reviewed, but it’s worth it to revisit. At least to me. Who knows? Maybe we’ve got a new member, who just loves SF, or someone maybe missed this first time round due to the annoying list issues. (Which were wonderfully and Happily Solved)

Either way, here! You! Go!


Where can you watch an over-grown boy turn into a decent yet rugged round the edges young man? Where can you lose half the Light of the World, to save us all from the Shadow? Is there a Person, Place, or Thing that can take the Elements of Earth, Spirit, and Air, and come out with a Rabbit and Pot of Tea, from a game of Snakes and Foxes…? 

If you answered with a resounding YES! In the Wheel of Time series, while reading the second to last book…Then you’re talking about…!

Towers of midnight DB71926

Jordan, Robert; Sanderson, Brandon. Reading time: 39 hours, 7 minutes.
Read by Roy Avers.

Fantasy Fiction

The last battle has begun and a blight starves the land of food. Whitecloaks hunt Perrin Aybara, who needs to find answers buried within. Meanwhile, Matrim Cauthon faces a difficult challenge and must defeat the snakes and foxes. Sequel to The Gathering Storm (DB 70020). Some violence. Bestseller. 2010.

Downloaded: March 22, 2017

Download Towers of midnight

There were times while reading this book that I thought I might not get through it. To be quite blunt, there were a couple of scenes where it was quite obvious the Secondary Author was simply stuck. He traveled a tad bit too long at times…

 He chased just a little too long in the Wolf Dream, and then was a smidgen in a hurry in spots. All in all, though it was flat-out worth it for how it ended up right before the Epilogue. I’m Serious, and I Mean It! That last couple of lines from Matt, Well! Made me almost cry! Blood! And Bloody Ashes!!! Anyhow, if you don’t read for another thing, you gotta read that. 😊

I loved learning about how playing politics and war were done in that time and place, Real or Imagined? How different from Today, what is Right Here and NOW!!! And what is Written among those pages? Not a Hair’s Breadth worth of Difference.

I learned more new things about what True Love Is and Is Not, and as usual was able to bring what I learned from this Writing Into my EveryDay Life!

It’s another one of those Wonderful, Terrible, Awesome, Moments!

You know? Like what Matrim Cauthon had, or Rand. Watching the changes taking place in those two, well, that was almost as hard is realizing we’d not see Harry anymore after the last words of the Harry Potter series were Read.

Because like those young Boys and Girls, These mentioned here grew up. Grew into fine Young Men, and Women.

I haven’t read one moment further. I’m suffering with a cold, so I’m taking my Orange Juice, and going to bed.

I want to meditate on all I’ve Read, before I go Further.

I really did enjoy this book even with the Few Things I Wrote of Above. 😊

I give this book…4 out of 5 Stars!!!

PS… It was my favorite of all the entire series! New author,  and all!

Next, while getting over that nasty horribly congestive junk, I read…

A memory of light DB76085

Jordan, Robert; Sanderson, Brandon. Reading time: 43 hours, 52 minutes.
Read by John Polk.

Fantasy Fiction

The last battle begins. Rand al’Thor realizes his destiny as the Dragon Reborn and gathers an army. But his plans go awry, and he must regroup while others fight to save the human race. Sequel to Towers of Midnight (DB 71926). Some violence. 2012.

Downloaded: April 4, 2017

Other than the fact that I had to get used to a new narrator, who by the way did a great job, what with coming in at the end of the game,

I just really enjoyed this book. I was frightened for Matt. I hurt when Garth, Brend fell to the dark, and then again when it was discovered that Warrior Roark, had succumb to them as well.

I loved watching Perrin, and his loving wife become reconnected after her imprisonment, and watching Matt take over what had been for years the enemy army, well, once again, I was, right proud.

Again, I say, if you missed this series, go, and get it, right now!

Then, when I thought there might be light at the end of the tunnel for me, and that I was done with sickness once and for all, just when I began the following, I discovered, Nope! Not quite done just yet. I, thinking I had a virus, because I felt so weak, and tired, and had not yet begun to present symptoms that would lead me to the real cause, went looking for a distraction, and got so involved with beginning to read this most awesome book, that I might have done just a bit too good of a job with my distraction. AWW! It was worth it.

First, the way the author’s understanding of cats, and time-travel, came out in this book, was amazing.

Although I had to chuckle when I read, what he believed the year 2000 would be, the book had plenty of fast paced action, great adventure, wonderful SF elements, and a great reader.

The ending was most excellent, and I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. The only reason it did not get 5, is because, to me, it took just a bit too long to really get going. Other-wise, it was totally awesome! *The Ending Was GREAT!

The door into summer DB16382

Heinlein, Robert A, (Robert Anson). Reading time: 6 hours, 36 minutes.
Read by David Palmer.

Science Fiction

Betrayed by his girl and his business partner, a man is robbed of his business assets and left with only his pet tomcat to confide in. As a final blow, he is forced into a thirty-year-long sleep in suspended animation. Awakening in the year 2000, he is determined to pick up the pieces of his life and somehow avenge himself on those who betrayed him.

Downloaded: April 28, 2017

Download The door into summer

I have to just add, before going on, it was just a bit tempting, to think that this might could be possible to do. Made me question myself, as to whether or not, I might like to try such. Also, for those who read or know me on a regular bases, the cat in this book, although a male, reminded me of my Celine Kitty! 😊

Now, the following has been a life saver to be sure. I began Lisey’s Story just before entering the hospital, and I’m so glad. I laughed, I cried. I hid, under the cover, and even though I cannot see it, slept with the light on in my hospital room for fear of the monsters, both animal, and human lunatic it described. Scared me so bad, I even brought Campbell, into bed with me, and there he remains. (Yes, to reader who asked, a hospital bed.) heheha!

I loved the romance between Lisey and Scott, and was totally blown away by, king’s once again, being able to weave among the pages, a comprehension of Mental Illness, and the different perspectives it can hold.

His knowledge of self-injury, and what might be the cause, and how he wove it into the book was amazing.

I have really enjoyed that in his latest writings, and hope for more to come.

If you can set aside what you think is real, and open your mind, if you can enjoy an ever-changing stream-of-consciousness writing style, and you don’t have a weak stomach, this book is for you.

If, however you are set in your ways of thinking, skip it.

Either way, it was one of my favorites this year, and has helped me in my lengthy battle toward being well, once again.

I’ve a long recovery ahead. I’ll be moved to a skilled care rehabilitation center this week, due to my body being so weakened from not only the current sickness, but the previous ones as well, but with my BARD APP safely in hand, and my big beast by my side, I’ll be fine. Again, make sure to give this book, a look, and if you have books similar to recommend, please, by all means do.

For now, it’s nap time, so here’s the NLS info. 

Lisey’s story: a novel DB63387

King, Stephen. Reading time: 19 hours, 29 minutes.
Read by Mary Kane.

Supernatural and Horror Fiction

Maine. Lisey, the widow of prizewinning author Scott Landon, hears her husband’s voice while organizing his papers, caring for her catatonic sister, and avoiding a stalker. Lisey enters Scott’s imaginary world of Boo’ya Moon and fights his demons as well as her own. Violence and strong language. Bestseller. 2006.

Download Lisey’s story: a novel

Just a couple more thoughts, first off I really have enjoyed the way King has brought the Mental Illness factor into some of his writings. In this, Lisey’s Story, the knowledge he shares and the way in which he shares it, concerning self injury, and the metaphor he uses, is so spot on, that I cried reading it. Then, how he shows the talents of those who suffer from the types of mental illness talked of here, well, guys, it gave me hope, hope that folks do maybe understand just a little. I felt acknowledged, and believe maybe others like me, did too! A friend of mine said she didn’t understand this book, I believe that might have been for all the parallel universe and stream-of-consciousness writing, but for me, the worlds, all of them, made sense. Mary Cane’s reading? spot on!

From campbellsworld


Patty L. Fletcher

Hi, Readers! Everywhere!

King Campbell, A.K.A Bubba and I are here with a couple fabulouso! Books to Recommend, and Review!

We’ll start with Mystery Walk, and go from there. I have a bit to say about this book, so, First, NLS. Then, my thoughts.

  1. John Stratton was “PERFECT!!” for this book!

Mystery walk DB19678

McCammon, Robert R. Reading time: 16 hours, 7 minutes.
Read by John Stratton.

Supernatural and Horror Fiction

Novel of the supernatural in which Augustus Krepsin, seeking immortality, uses extraordinary powers of two young brothers from the South. Billy Creekmore, a decent sort, has the ability to help “pass over to the other world” the troubled spirits of folks who have died violently, while his brother, “Little Wayne,” is a tent-revival faith healer who can raise the dead. Strong language and some descriptions of sex.

Downloaded: February 22, 2017

Download Mystery walk

As you can see, I downloaded this some time back. Actually, I downloaded a ton of books between Jan, and Feb, because I feared budget cuts, might interrupt my reading. With the only thought, “Can’t have that!” rolling round in my head, I ran across this book, remembered having started it years ago, and never being able to finish due to a broken tape, downloaded, and saved it away with a whole lot more.

Flash-forward! To May, and me, flat-of-my-back, in a Skilled Care facility, not yet able to get up without help, and a need to read, and I found a pleasure filled escape, like nothing I’d known in a while.

I’d read, and finished a couple books, one from Stephen King, and was looking for something to distract me from the world of weakness, and discomfort I felt from the sickness that had, ravaged my body.

As I began to read, I left my world, and entered a world like nothing I’d enjoyed since The Dark Tower series. Yes, this book rates, right up there with that, and yall know how I feel about The Dark Tower.

That being said, let us talk about Billy Creekmore. Does he see the dead? Can he assist them across to their destination when they’re restless and unable to cross? Does, Little Wayne, really have the ability to heal, and if so, why can he not do it all the time?

How are these two connected? Are they for real kin, or have they been mixed up into a terrifically terrifying tale.

Download this book, and escape the realities of your world a while.

  1. As I’ve given this book, a bit more thought, two things reach out to me. First, the friendship between Billy and his friend Will. He had something Little Wayne did not. Other than Wayne’s dog, Tobey, Wayne, had no one. That, spoke to me, because I had, and lost, a friend like Billy’s, and I felt that sense of disconnection, as did Wayne, as well.

The other thing that spoke to my heart, was how, Billy, and Wayne were connected, and how they felt one another even before they knew, how it was so. As I’m writing this addition to an earlier review, I realize that I, cannot go forward with that thought, because to do so, might add a spoiler. If you’ve read, or when you do, read this book, and you’d like to know more, you can write to talk about it.

Last but not least A Little Fate by Nora Roberts. I’ve finished it, and have new thought.

Now, I’m home, I need more time filler than ever. Having been used to people around at the touch of a button, or a left-hand turn, and short walk to the Therapy Gym during the day, I felt totally alone.

What to read? I ran across this book, just doing a skim down the Nora Roberts page, and WOW! What a find! I, give you NLS and then a partial review, of, 2 out of 3. ***FINISHED! REVIEW COMPLETE! ***

A little fate DB64130

Roberts, Nora. Reading time: 10 hours, 57 minutes.
Read by Don Feldheim.

Short Stories

Three tales of love and magic. In “The Witching Hour” a young woman following her heart saves her kingdom. In “Winter Rose” a queen receives something unexpected for healing a warrior. In “A World Apart” a demon slayer finds herself transported to New York. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2004.

Downloaded: May 30, 2017

Download A little fate

Now, I downloaded this little beauty, just before coming home on May 31. When I settled in on my first night home, I found that once Campbell went to sleep, and the family upstairs, went to bed, the place was quiet as a tome, I, not being used to such, needed a distraction in the worst kind of way.

I looked through my Wish-List, and BAM! This jumped out. I don’t know if it was the titles, author, or just my restless mind, but once I began reading, there was no putting it down.

In Witching Hour, the love story is loving and beautiful in its own magical way. In Winter Rose, it is Heart-Breaking, Beautiful, Frustratingly Frigid, and more. You’ll love it if you love a beautiful way of ending.

I have just begun the first of this last one, and it is funny, scary, and suspenseful all in one.

Haven’t gotten further than the first few pages, but hooked is the word.

Almost time to prop up and rest a while, so back to the book, for the last tale, and then I’ll be off to dream.

I recommend all reviewed here, and hope you have a great night.

If you’re well, be grateful. If you’re sick, pay attention to Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul.

Else the consequence, it will take its toll.

I want to talk more about the last tale. “A World Apart.” Oh! My! Goodness! The entire thing was beautiful, baffling, terrible, and Triumphant, sometimes, all on the same page. I don’t even know quite how to do what I felt while reading this book justice.

Firstly, the romance, was unexpected, beautiful, and heart-breaking all together. Oh! The emotion the sex scene brought out in me was a total shock! The scene was Beautiful, Passion filled, Hot, and wondrously perfect. I never knew such could bring forth such emotions as I felt while reading it. I felt… as if I might be intruding. I felt envious, and jealous. I realized I’d never made such a connection, and things took on new perspective for me.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve come so close to death. Maybe it’s the realization that I’ll be 50-years-old this year, and I’ve not yet found this type of love. Maybe it was just a damn good Author’s way of writing, but whatever it was, I warn you, it will make you think.

If you avoid reading this story, because the battle scenes are a bit bloody, if you stop your player at the first mention of the couple written of here, and their attraction, you’re going to miss-out!!!

I cried, I held my breath, I felt, both physically, and emotionally, as each in turn felt. As this was described, so did I experience.

Amazing! That’s the word, and it doesn’t quite describe!

It’s like King’s the Talisman, and the Territories, the Wheel of Time, and the Dark Tower, and the bonding of the Ka-Tet, Campbell, and Me, all rolled into one.

Oh! If you don’t read any of the rest of this book, read this story.

How they come together, well, I kept thinking about all those displaced by War, and Terrorism. I kept thinking how, if every person in that situation, found themselves connecting with someone on the levels described here, WOW! The possibilities of a New-World!

Now, today, I’m home, and although still seem to have some kind of sinus issue, am priviledged to be going to a book club meeting, where I will speak on my own work. As is my rule, I re-read the majority of my book, because contrary to some belief, it doesn’t stay with me. As is my way of processing, I reviewed it, thus, writing my own thoughts concerning likes and dislikes.

Campbell’s Rambles

How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life

Patty Fletcher's first book cover

Published 2014

Photo / Cover design / Editing / The Seeing Eye™

Pictured are the author and her dog, Campbell. The photo was taken by Dwight Lynn Sorrell at a Safe House event to recognize victims of domestic violence. The people were tossing flower petals into the Holston River in remembrance of them.

Cover design by David Dvorkin,

This book was edited by Leonore H. Dvorkin,

Note: THE SEEING EYE and SEEING EYE are registered trademarks of The Seeing Eye, Inc.

About the Book

This is the story of how the author obtained her first guide dog from The Seeing Eye™ in Morristown, New Jersey: what motivated her, the extensive training she had, the special relationship she developed with her trainer, and the good friends she made. Once she returned home to Tennessee, there were many new challenges to be met and overcome, including domestic abuse.

All that was in addition to her chronic conditions of bipolar disorder and fibromyalgia.

With honesty, courage, and humor, Patty Fletcher tells a remarkable story of personal development that is sure to inform, entertain, and inspire others, both blind and sighted.


Available for download from the National Library Services For the Blind and Physically Handicapped.
Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life DB83921
Reading time: 6 hours, 16 minutes.
Read by Suzanne Toren.

DB-Review List Best Nonfiction Award

Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life has won the award for Best Nonfiction for 2016 on the DB-Review List. There were 27 nominees.

Announcement on Patty’s blog
BARD: Braille and Audio Reading Download
DB Review Information Page

I, as always, smile, and cringe, at the same time when I read. I realize now, how really raw and unpolished my writing was, and to those who have read, reviewed, praised, and Critiqued, Thanks! It’s all been a great big bunch of fabulouso fun!

Today I’ll go answer questions, from folks who are sighted, and have had no prier experiences with Dog Guide handler dog teams from anywhere, and I go in hopes of setting a decent example.

As I re-read, I asked how I thought I had the right. I only can speak for me and say writing this book, and living this life, has been a great joy, and I’m way glad to have this chance to share with yall.

Now, I leave you with words from a list member.

Happy Reading, and thanks for coming with me all the way to the end if you did.

Reader Review

I downloaded and read this book pretty much in one big gulp last night and enjoyed it very much. I’m a Seeing Eye grad and am about to go back for a successor dog, so I was delighted to see some familiar names and read about training. I also could identify with the difficulties the author faced when she came home with the new dog. This book is an unflinching discussion of one of the possible challenges resulting from guide dog training, and that is the relationship with one’s instructor. It’s clear that Ms. Fletcher had an exemplary instructor, and a kind man, in Drew Gibbon, and it’s also clear that he came into her life at a vulnerable spot for her. Guide dog training is a very emotional experience, whether it’s the first time or the fourth, and with Fletcher’s other challenges, it must have been terrible and wonderful all at once, and all in the same hour (smile). The discussion of how her increased independence changed her primary personal relationship is familiar to a lot of people who’ve “been there” and was at times heart-breaking but always honest.

The author’s candor is moving, her experiences are unique, but anyone who has been through guide dog training can relate. I look forward to the second installment in this story.

4 out of 5 stars



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