Email Facebook Twitter Oh My: Lost In the Translation

Email Facebook Twitter Oh My: Lost In the Translation

Before I get to today's post, let me just ask a tiny favor.
If you see major changes in how my posts read, please let me know. I stupidly downloaded the WordPress Bata editor program they're testing, to you know? Help them out, find out how accessible, and all that, and when I post, on here it looks, fine, but when it shows up in my in box, it is not fine.

So it would be way helpful if you'd let me know.

Especially those of you using screen reader or voice-over. That would be awesome!

And, now, my post.

For the last few days now, I've been having one miscommunication while having email conversations with someone. Either I'm not being clear, she's not understanding, or something is getting lost in the translation.

I find this happens the worst in E-conversation. Email, Facbook, and even Twitter can be a hard road to tow. Sometimes, I think about simply unsubscribing from all of it.

Sometimes, I just want to go back to the old fashion telephones, with the dial, and party-lines! (Oh! Now I've gone and done it! Yall know I'm old) 😆

Anyhow, I'm not about to go back to the dark ages, but sometimes all the electronic communication just gets too much. Between the alphabet soup abreviations, shorttened words, and the fact that you cannot at all do sarcasm in an email without absolutely pissing some folks off (They'd probably ge pissy anyhow)
Well, yall know what I mean, right?
Do you?

Sometimes it's enough to make me scream!

I love email, texting, Facebooking, and all that.

Even have gotten myself an account on LInkden, (Did I spell that right?)
There are times when I think I'll go to the nearest Pagan shop, buy a set of drums, go outside, and drum my messages.

Is it just me, or is it harder to communicate now, than ever?

Did he tech-nation we've evolved into make it harder or easier for you?

Ever have unnecessary disagreeement because of some form of E-conversation?

Happy to hear from yall, so speak out, and please? Don't forget to let me know if this looks weird.
No! Not my picture! hehehahaha! The words!

Yall have a great day!
Thanks tons for reading.


  1. We lose the nuance of facial expressions, tone of voice, etc, when we deal in writing. That makes for a challenge. The mood of the reader can affect how they take on our message. I know I’m guilty of reading things in that the writer didn’t necessarily mean at times.

    1. Oh! Yeah! I did it yesterday when I read Abby’s comment, and she meant no harm, but I had sense enough to realize it. And did not get upset. Rather I qualified what I’d written by adding more info.

      It takes some mindfulness when working with electronic communication and I’m learning more and more how to do better with dealing with that.

      The hardest thing for me is learning to stop and think before touching the keyboard, but hey! We never get it done, we never get it right, if we’re lucky we just get it!

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