Elegant Insights Braille Jewelry

Elegant Insights Braille Jewelry

Hi!  My name is Laura Legendary, and I am the unlikely entrepreneur behind the Elegant Insights Braille jewelry and accessories collection.  What makes me an unlikely entrepreneur?  For starters, I am a business owner who is blind.      

Elegant Insights products were inspired by a gift I received while struggling through an agonizing time in my life, the loss of my beloved husband, Billy.  Life is a journey consisting of many twists and turns, some of them painful and difficult to navigate.  So, for a bit of inspiration, I was given a tiny little talisman to help me keep moving forward.  It was a “worry stone,” with the word “survivor” engraved on one side, and to my surprise, the same word embossed in Braille on the other.  Right then and there, the light bulb went on over my head, and the entire concept of the Elegant Insights collection came to me in a single flash of inspiration.

Never one to ignore my intuition or neglect an insight, I set about the task of finding a manufacturer to assist me in bringing my ideas to life.  The search began in August, 2009, lasting nearly two years.

At first, I sought a manufacturer already mass-producing Braille jewelry.  I looked everywhere, including out-of-country options, and realized that there was no such animal.  Besides, I really wanted to find a manufacturer in the USA, since I am a flag-waving maniac, after all.

Unable to find a ready-made resource, I realized that if I was going to bring my  ideas to life, I would need to get to work!

Elegant Insights has been in business for five years, and we are now presented with a tremendous opportunity.  We have been selected to showcase our products online with the new Amazon Handmade Services platform.  In order to create sufficient inventory to meet demand, I will need to hire two additional craftspeople.  These two artisans will need their own workbenches, tools, and supplies, and the money raised here will go directly to this expansion.  I need to purchase the sheet metal, parts and components for jewelry making, as well as the hand tools needed to put it all together.  This opportunity will mean worldwide exposure for my beautiful Braille embossed jewelry, and customers who shop on amazon seeking special gifts for people with vision loss will discover a distinctive collection of jewelry and accessories all handcrafted, made in the USA, and embossed in crisp, readable, Braille.  Can you imagine a more meaningful and personal gift to give a loved one with vision loss?

We’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign, and we need your help. 

What’s crowdfunding? 

In a nutshell, it’s a platform that enables businesses, both large and small, to raise the capital they need to complete a project, produce a film, publish a book, manufacture goods, innovate services, or grow their business.  The idea is to create a campaign to publicize your idea or product, and entice potential customers, angel investors, or anyone who believes in your vision to back you, by making a financial contribution. 

Why Braille jewelry?

Fashion is a personal means of communication unlike any other, because it is such an integral part of our every day.  We see it, we read about it, we shop for it, we plan ways to use it, our lives consist of milestones made special by it, we constantly care for it, and ultimately, we wear it.  Little else is as personal as our own form of self-expression by way of our clothing. 

However, what if you are blind?  How can a person who is blind identify their own sense of style, compare one fashion type with another, create a look all their own?  If a person cannot see the latest trends, check out the glossy magazine photos, view a style in the wild, picture themselves adopting a new look, what are some ways to make a style statement all one’s own?  With a message you can touch.

Now, you can make a style statement differently.  It can stand for something…your advocacy of Braille literacy.  It is a statement you can carry with you.  A memory you can touch.  Beauty you can feel.  It is your identity, your secret message, and a way to start a conversation.

We wear sweatshirts with college mascots on them, we wear our favorite sports team jersey, we wear our preferred designer brands emblazoned with their name or logo, we ink our skin with tatts, featuring ancient symbols, precious verses, foreign letter characters, or other graphical representations of that which is meaningful.  It is unlikely that the bearer of the tattoo reads Chinese, or ancient Sanskrit, or hieroglyphics, yet they proudly show off the tattoo because they learned the symbolic meaning, and they will happily translate the phrases on their skin and share with anyone who asks what it means.  It is a secret message, a way to evangelize that which is important to them, it can raise awareness or start a dialogue that can inspire others.  Braille is no different.

With Elegant Insights Braille Creations, you can wear or share your secret messages, collect unique conversation pieces, or create a custom masterpiece all your own.

There are many ways you can help!  While any donation amount will be appreciated, some things are more valuable than money.  You can make a huge contribution by letting me leverage your network.  Please share my project with your friends, fans, followers, and family.  Tweet out my campaign link, share it on your Facebook page, post this info on your favorite email lists, forward this message to your email contacts.  No effort on my behalf will go to waste, because I am passionate about what I’m doing, and will let no opportunity  pass me by.  Want to know more about how you can help?  Just ask!  Please take a look at the campaign, read my story,, and make a contribution.  Then, spread the word in support of this unlikely entrepreneur.

Here’s the link to the crowdfunding campaign, which ends on April 10th.  Help make it happen!


You can see our beautiful Elegant Insights Braille Creations on our web site, http://elegantinsightsjewelry.com or call Laura at 509-264-2588.

About Laura Legendary:

Laura Legendary is the creative force and designer behind Elegant Insights Braille Creations.  As an advocate for people with disabilities, Laura has presented disability awareness workshops and seminars to a wide variety of audiences, from government and corporate managers to community groups and health care providers.  As a blogger, Laura has shared her expertise in accessibility and assistive technology for people with vision loss on her blog, Accessible Insights.  Finally, Laura is the co-founder of The Fashionability Channel, an audio podcast created to enable people with disabilities to enjoy greater access to fashion and style information. 


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  2. i actually bought an item off you a few years back and turned it into a braclet as i wanted it done on leather. i love it to bits. very unique. i mostly bought it for work but now it comes out with me on hiking trips as a unique identifier if any thing was to go wrong

    1. I want to let you know, that I put that up for the one who made the jewelry. I myself am not responsible. I appreciate your feedback. You might want to write the lady in charge so that she knows what you think. I do not know for sure that she will say what you said. Thank you so much for commenting.

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