Eat Smart, Eat Healthily and lose weight…No gimmicks just common sense.

Eat Smart, Eat Healthily and lose weight…No gimmicks just common sense.

I love Carol’s blog and her opinion of these quick fix diets agrees with mine.
At the present time I’m up on the weight gain but I know I can get it back off.
For now, enough from me. Go and read these wonderful stories, opinions and especially the yummy healthy recipe for yourself.


  1. Thank you, Patty for the reblog…I am sure this is just a blip for you we all have them …I have had the munchies for two days now but hey ho..That’s Life …Enjoy your day 🙂 xx

    1. Hi, you are very welcome.
      When I brought Campbell home intothousand11 that kick started a weight-loss session for me. I don’t think I necessarily change the way I ate or what I ate except maybe to eat a little bit less of everything. I had gotten in the habit of eating healthily while I was in training, and just kept it up when I came home.
      But the biggest thing for me was the increase in activity. This continued throughout our time together until 2018 when I moved here where I currently live.
      Once that happened, we didn’t have a bus stop in the area, I couldn’t walk as much, I didn’t have a good idea of the neighborhood, so, our activity dropped. Then, just about the time we got a bus stop in the area, and I learned my way around, Campbell became ill. I became stressed out, and begin to eat do you to stress. One thing piled up on top of another, and pretty soon before I knew it I had regained the weight I had lost and more.
      Now, here I am, getting ready for winter. We walk every day, but I still don’t walk as much as I used to. Campbell cannot do it.
      In the spring I will be going for a successor dog, but I must lose some weight and get a bit more healthier before I do. So I am looking into places to go to exercise to help myself. I’d like to be able to work on an exercise bike of some sort, and a treadmill.
      I tried the Why am CA but I did not find it very blind friendly. I even tried to volunteer there, and even though I add more experienced in their new volunteer coordinator it just didn’t work out. They are not all encompassing like they claim. But that’s a blog post all onto itself.
      Now, I have heard, that I might be old enough finally LOL. For the senior center which has a small gym as well. So I’m going to check into that. I must become more active.

      1. I am sure you will get there and with a new young dog as a companion that will be an incentive to walk more. I do think though that life just gets in the way sometimes and throws us a curve ball to boot. That was a shame about the YMCA..who would have thought…but at least you have the option of the senior centre hopefully they will be more accomodating and you can get back into the swing again ready for a new seeing eye dog 🙂

        1. I think there were two problems concerning the Y. First, they don’t have enough volunteers to assist properly, and second, that new volunteer coordinator was young, and rather intimidated by me and my experience. I didn’t want her job, just wanted to volunteer, but she was less than welcoming.

          I’m going to call the senior center tomorrow to see what I can learn about their programs.

          Also, when I’ve a new working dog as well as King Campbell I’m going to be walking a lot.

          Someone asked me not long ago what I would do with two dogs. I said, “Walk lots and wear out shoes.”


          1. You will indeed with two dogs to walk…Yes it will be good for the shoe indusrty…haha…That is so sad to hear but often the case as she probably thought it would highlight her lack of knowledge and expertise rather than seeing it as a positive ,enhancing her knowledge and showing she was forward thinking a very blinkered attitude…Good luck with the senior programme 🙂 x

          2. Hi, I remember the incident when I realize that she was not going to work with me. When I met with her it went well. She talked about all the things she wanted to do for the programs in the YMCA and I told her all the things that I could do to help her. We talked about things we wanted to do together, and assignment she wanted to give me. I don’t know what changed. The day that she had me scheduled for I came to the YMCA, and settled into my place beside her desk to hand out bottles of water and pamphlets etc. to the members as they went to and from their activities we were situated so that we could interact with them as they passed. But soon, she moved me, and put us that is Campbell and me over on the other side of her desk, away from the activity, and we could no longer get the attention of the members as they passed. The worst part of it was, at one point she left me there but I knew that she had situated herself somewhere where she could watch me try as I might, I could not make things turn around, after about an hour of this I got up and got Campbell awake, and headed us toward the exit. She came bustling up, as if she had just come from somewhere where she was busy and I knew better. I heard her coming. Anyway, the long and the short of it is, I never went back after that day.
            Before that incident I had tried going over to exercise. Not being well oriented with the gymnasium, and the exercise room, I employ the help of a volunteer to assist me with getting settled on one of the machines I liked to work on. It was similar to what I had worked on during physical therapy and I knew that I could do it and build up my strength and muscle tone all over my body by just the use of that machine. My hope was later on to get a volunteer to walk with me on the indoor track. Until I could find a way to guide myself around the area as I had done in other places. But soon, I realize this was not going to work either. Volunteers would lead me on a machine, and would never return in the time allotted I had requested, even though they told me they would set reminders on their phones to do so. After a couple of attempts of tears, I simply gave up. Thanks just would not work out like I wanted him to do there. I tried reaching out to the management staff a couple of times, but never got response. I’ve never been so disappointed in a place in my life. The other day they sent me a survey, and I was going to take it. I knew there would be a place for feedback at the end. But it was not accessible from my screen reader. So I deleted the email, and simply went back to my life. It is really disappointing. Honestly, I hope there is someone out there lurking, reading these conversations because somebody somewhere needs to do something about that place.
            Anyway, I am dictating on one cup of coffee LOL. So the bottom line is, people who are visually impaired, or otherwise disabled, have very serious problems with overweight issues. And the reason is lots of times they simply have no way to exercise that is comfortable for them. Those who do, should consider themselves extremely lucky. I’m going to work this out though. I am determined.

          3. That is such a shame, Patty ..Personallly I would just sack her after I had given her a good shake how insensitive…I am afraid I would take that a lot further as their behaviour should not be allowed…I do hope you have a far better experience with the senior club …Truly I am shocked by the whole incident and your treatment…By now I am sure you have had a few more coffees…Have a lovely day 🙂 x

          4. Well, I wrote the powers that are and didn’t get anywhere. Right now I am so hung up with dealing with our bus stop situation and my housing situation that I don’t have any more room to fry any more fish. Maybe after I’m done with all this I’ll tackle that. LOL.

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