Double Bouncing and Blogging Blessings

Double Bouncing and Blogging Blessings

Good morning, i hope this posting finds you all doing well.

Here, Blue and I have been bouncing about in the rain. It seems as though my dog, who is a black Labrador Golden Retriever Cross, loves the warm rain we’re having. He cares not that we’re getting soaking wet, to the point that we’re dripping as if we’ve just stepped from the bath, he just wants to stomp in the puddles, sniff and wiggle around.

What he doesn’t want to do, is to relieve on wet ground. So, whilst he did hike his leg and add to the watering of grass taking place, he’s refused everything else.

Ah well, what’s a dog mother to do?

My bouncy Blue is happy though, and is truly coming into his own. Though we still have some rough days here and there, they’re becoming less and less and so for that I’m grateful.

Another blessing I’ve discovered, is both good and bad.

I’ve discovered my original blog is still alive and allowing me to reblog and communicate and share with those I reblog there.

“How neat!” you declare. And in one way you’re right. However, that site is not updated as my newer one you’re reading here is and so now I must figure out how to go about doing something about that. Please be patient as I work on this..

Another blessing I’m learning to use is my new computer and in fact, I’m writing this post directly onto my blog rather than copying and pasting it in or using the Mammoth Document Converter, which I love and i’m doing so on my brand new computer.

All these new blessings are awesome. I mean, how can you complain when you’ve been blessed with a brand-new bouncing baby Blue Dog, a new place to live, two blogs and a new computer?

I suppose I’m not complaining. Just trying to learn to work with it all.

So, I’m off to grab more coffee, a bit of breakfast and then I shall continue the blessing adventures of the day.

Thanks for reading my crazy ramblings.

Happy New Year!

May Harmony find You and when it does, please could you share it with me?

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  1. Well, believe it or not, I’ve found harmony, despite my website being down as a result of a server crash. Jackie McBride at Bright Star Technology is working diligently to restore service. Anyway, Patty, I wish I knew how to share my harmony with you. If my package with Casey Matthews of Web Friendly Help includes training, which I think it does, I may get with him after the first of the year, and maybe he can show me how to do that. LOL!

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