Don’t take it personally: dictated

Don’t take it personally: dictated

As we change from summer to fall, as it is predicted I have become reflective upon my life. I am giving thought, to that which has just passed, and to the new, yet to come.

This change in season coincides with my birthday. Last year, for whatever reason I dealt badly with the turning, this year though, I am filled with happiness and contentment.

I can see the improvements I have made. I now, understand the quote that has captured me so…. “I know I am alive, because I can look behind me, and see the wreckage of my life.”
That, did not always make sense. Even though it did not it still always resonated with me. Now, it fits perfectly.

Another phrase, “if you always do as you have done, you will always do as you have.” (Adaptation of quote from Mike Tate’s if you always do as you did, you will always have as you have.)

It all means the same. The wheel weaves as the wheel will.”
Today, the air has a small bite. Inside, I am chilled. It is more from emptiness then temperature. A void, I must find the filling for. Lesson finally learned, another cannot do that for me. That is only part of it. Not ever all of it. I must have something of my own. I had found it, lost it, now found it again. Remaking it. Is that not how it is supposed to be? We never get it done, never get it right, if we are lucky, we get it. Nothing more, nothing less. Only ever going forward. Learning, growing. To stop, is to truly die! Nothing lives forever. I say, that is not true. I say nothing remains forever. When the body I am currently in dies, my spirit, it, Will go on Word. It will and have it another being. It will learn, and grow. Only, when the spirit in habits, and goes forward no more, would it be dead in all ways. This, does not, seem possible. So, I am ever hopeful of continuing.

This is exciting! I realize, even now, I am doing that! I am not, that which I was not even yesterday. So, every day! Yes! Every day! Is a new life, a continuation, and that is most wonderful! This means that every day you get up is a day you can improve upon the day before and look forward to the day to come. You can know that if you do not reach that day to come in this body, that before your mourners can even put you in the ground, you will have gone onward.

So, knowing all of that I realize that I have done unto now all I was to have done and I am only to go and see what is to do next. I can no longer worry for yesterday, I can not worry for tomorrow, I can only be right now! Right now is wonderful. So, will it not always be? If I choose so mote it be!

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  1. Thanks so much for this thought-provoking post, Patty. It touched me and made my day. Lindy

    1. I am happy to know you enjoy this. I sometimes wonder what people think. I have just finished writing a Nother comment letting people know that I very much appreciate their reading, liking, and commenting. I cannot know what people like or dislike if they do not tell me. So, even if something does not appeal to you. Let me know of it. This way, I get an idea of what people want to read. I don’t write for myself. If I were going to write for myself, I could keep a diary, read it every day, and think of me. That is not why I write. I write so that people can know of me. Can the what it is to live as a person with multiple disabilities does. I write, so that people can be uplifted, entertained, feel what I feel know what I know experience what I experience. I share others at work so that people can see what I like, and therefore know me better. I do that also so that others can be no-no. I do that so that people can have a variety. So let me know! Make certain to understand that I have put my heart away, I did not get my feelings hurt that easily. Not when it comes to criticism, or feedback. I am going to write more books, so if a person has read my book they need to let me know what they thought of it. What others no, go to the site where you heard of it and review it. Go to Amazon, go to wherever books can be reviewed and review it. If you read it from the national Library services for the blind and physically handicapped review it somewhere where those books are reviewed. Let others know. I am excited, I want to know what people think. I want to know, so that when the second book is written it will answer questions that people had about the first, it will clear up misunderstandings, it will help to resolve old hurts and more. So, I very much appreciate your having let me know that you liked this.

  2. It was my pleasure. I simply wrote off the cuff. I spoke as it came to me.

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