Don’t Mess with Mother Nature a poem by sponsoring member Marlene Mesot #Earth, #Wind, #Sun, #Rain, #Peace, #H armony

Don’t Mess with Mother Nature a poem by sponsoring member Marlene Mesot #Earth, #Wind, #Sun, #Rain, #Peace, #H armony

Don’t Mess with Mother Nature

(Internal Rhyme)

By Marlene Mesot, a sponsoring member of Patty’s Worlds.


“Rain, stop wailing! Please yourself restrain.

Earth doesn’t need another flood.”

“Oh, go pick a bone, and leave sister alone.

Or you will feel my shake.”

“Stuff it, brother Quake. Don’t throw a fit.

Uh, Lightning, stop startling us!” Hurricane whined.

“Sisters, brothers, what’s all this fuss for?”

Thunder grumbled, then asked, “Where’s Harmony?”

“Harmony’s off on a spree to try to find Breeze,

And that is all I know.” Echo repeated thrice.

“She better find her fast, or we’ll face Mother’s wrath,

Which is worse than my heat.” Sun complained.

Lightning’s flash caused the others to gasp.

“Snap to it!” Lightning yelled then sighed.

Wishing to avoid worry there was a sudden flurry

Of activity among the siblings.

Hurricane blew as Quake shook too.

Thunder roared while Lightning soared around them.

Then fell a hush with a sudden rush,

When a slender, slim shadow appeared.

No mistaking the words, a stern feminine voice was heard.

“I have a notion you should stop this commotion. What is wrong?”

Sun’s ire faded as he hesitated, “Well, Mama…”

Echo interrupted quickly. “Hear, hear, hear that?”

A sound of woo realaxed the siblings who all knew

Their sisters Breeze and Harmony were back.

They could discern that their Mother was stern, when she crossed her arms and said,

“It’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature!”

About Author Marlene Mesot.

Curiosity fuels her passion for contemporary mystery writing. She shares her love of God, family, friendships and animals with her readers. Marlene Mesot was an only child. She is legally blind and moderately deaf due to nerve damage at premature birth.

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