Dogs are miraculous

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  1. I’d like to thank Anita for posting this on her blog.

    Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye is the most fun thing I ever wrote.

    Starting on Mother’s Day in 2016 during a very down time for me, Bubba Tails took me through an 8-hour-day which other-wise would’ve been horribly sad for me.

    By the time that 8-hour period was over Bubba Tails was born, and wriggling like a new-born pup just waiting to live.

    There was nothing to do but write and publish.

    Thanks everyone for reading, and if you are so moved, pick-up a copy of the book, and, make sure to let me know how you like it when you do.

    Blessid be.

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