DO NO HARM blog post series: Dan Alatorre “The Gamma Sequence”

DO NO HARM blog post series: Dan Alatorre “The Gamma Sequence”

I didn’t know Dan had his books on Audible. Where have I been?
There go all my saved up credits!
Oh boy! Summer reading fun here I come.
Check out all the books found in this most excellent post, and make sure to preorder the anthology Do No Harm too.


  1. Thanks Patty <3

    1. You’re welcome. Way back in the day when Angel On Her Shoulder was still in the beta stage, I was privileged to get a look at it.

      Since then I lost track of Dan and all he has been up to because I’ve been up to my own writing and working career. Now, here this is and I can’t wait to read some of his work. Also can’t wait to get and read Do No Harm.

      I guess by now, you’ve figured out reading is my most favorite thing to do next to writing.

      Anyhow, it’s my pleasure to share other’s stuff.

  2. Thank you for sharing this with your readers, Patty.

    1. You’re most welcome. I’m excited about the Do No Harm book. I’m also excited about some of the authors in it and now, here I’ve gone and found you on Audible and I will most definitely be downloading some of your books.

      I’ve been working on a manuscript, and haven’t been downloading books. Now, I’ve got some credits saved up and they’re burning a hole in my Audible app. So, now I can put out the fire and use them.

      Of course, I mustn’t get too carried away. I have to finish this rewrite of my first book, and the two following it. It’s a huge task but I’ve grown so in my writing that the first book hurts me to read. LOL.

      Anyhow, Enjoy your visit to campbellsworld and if you see anything you like feel free to share with your reader friends.

      good luck with all you do and have a great day.

      1. I will. Thank you.

        And if you’d ever like to drop me a line, which you should do right now, jump over to my blog and use the “contact me“ button. It sends a message right to my email. Maybe I can hook you up with a few audiobooks. As it happens, I was looking at them earlier today and quite a few could use a review!

        1. Well, let me finish up what I’m doing and I shall do it.

          I’ve gotten rather good at writing reviews. My sister told me not long ago that I’d missed my calling. She said I could make her want to read books she never even considered before.

          I love to read and if I could figure out how to get employed with a magazine or something to read and review books I’d do it.

          I know, not all the books would be my cup of tea but I’ve learned a lesson about that. This year I made a goal to read the latest of each my clients’ books, and though some of them aren’t exactly genres I enjoy, I’m learning that reading out of one’s comfort zone can truly help one’s writing and I’m also learning that one doesn’t have to totally be in love with a genre to be able to review objectively a book.

          Anyhow, I will flip over to your blog before this weekend is up and contact you.

          1. There are plenty of people who make money writing reviews and posting them to a blog (and Amazon and Goodreads). If nothing else, they get tons of books for free because authors want reviews. I have several review sites that I always send my books to. Then, of course, they can ask people – authors I suppose – to advertise books on the site. So if you get free books, that saves you money, and if you can charge to advertise, that makes you money – all for something you already do. And you can still post reviews of all the commercial books you read because it would draw readers to the site. Something to think about.

          2. Yes for sure something to think about.

            Also, I’ve not forgotten to come visit you. Just been crazy busy today. Need to of me. There’s a scary thought. LOL

          3. I went to sleep thinking about this last night and have decided I’m going to pursue it a bit. We can always use a little extra cash, and it’s wonderful to get it doing something you enjoy. Like you said. Thank you for the inspiration.

          4. My pleasure. Use a WordPress blog, call it Patty’s Reviews or something, and start posting reviews. (There are plenty of review sites to use as an example, but the main thing is to let people know they can send you their books, and how to do that. Julie Barrett does this

            When it’s up and running, I’ll post about it on my blog. Before you know it, you’ll have people sending you all sorts of stuff.

          5. I’ll read this.

            Wonder if I could just add a section to my blog? You know like a new page?

            This is something to look into while I’m taking some time off in July to redesign my business.

          6. Probably.

          7. If your blog is already up and running and has the following, no point in reinventing the wheel. Send me the link!

          8. Agreed.

            I’ll be redoing things the first two weeks in July. Of course I’ll have your book read long before then and will review it on Amazon and everywhere else, but it’ll be until then for the new portion of my blog.

            I’ve one client who has created a specialty large-print weekly planner calendar and it’s crunch time for him to get out all his mail out information and get back all his orders for his printer, and that along with trying to get all my authors squared away before end of the month has me scrambling.

            Never dreamed back in 2017 when I was lying there half dead in nursing therapy I’d own my own business let alone need to stop, think, and redesign to make it more efficient so I could handle the volume of work, but here I am doing just that. A great feeling to be sure.

            Not yet making a lot of profit. I was so far down in a hole when I began it has been a while coming clear, but now I’m done with that only great things lie ahead.

            Feels so great to have two full length books published and to be in two well-known and respected anthologies, and now, here I am to read and review some of your books. That to me is a big deal. I took a look at your author page and stuff, and you’re doing mighty well.

          9. I try. It starts with one, and you already have two! You’re on your way!

          10. Thanks. Encouragement was much needed and is appreciated.

          11. My pleasure.

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