Discovery of Morning, Friendship, and…

Discovery of Morning, Friendship, and…

Good morning from The Satellite Campbell Kingdom! We’ve been up since about twenty till four this AM. We’ve been awake and coming to life, since about fifteen after or so. Having someone to share the morning with is awesome. Having someone to share the morning with who loves coffee as much as I do, or more, is even more awesome!  Having someone who takes that first strong, hot, life giving pot seriously as do I if not more, is almost priceless.

This morning has been a true gift. One that I will never take for granted. While I fed and walked Campbell, Bobby made that first pot of coffee of the day. You know? The one that helps you turn from Night-Time Monster to Human? If you don’t drink coffee you don’t understand.

By the time Campbell and I blew in from the morning’s frosty sniff fest, the coffee was done and My Sweetie Pie was pouring me a cup. Now, here I am just enjoying the last of that pot, and have made a second. I took care of that while he was going through his own morning routine.  Seems as if we both have our morning routines, and I enjoy having someone to not only share the morning with who loves coffee, but someone who understands the value of morning routine. Each day we spend hanging out and getting to know one another is to me like unwrapping yet another gift, and then another. It is like Christmas every day. Not since I had my experience with Campbell have I enjoyed something quite so much.

It is an awesome feeling to go out in to the cold morning’s air, enjoy that quiet time with Campbell and watch him have his own enjoyable wake up time, then come back in to the warmth of a happy loving home. It is even more awesome to do that and have someone waiting there who is glad you’re back in and who wishes to share their morning with you. Even when we are hanging out doing different things we are connected. As I sit here typing and drinking my morning coffee, I can hear him off to my right, sitting in his recliner, playing on his phone, drinking his morning coffee, lost in his own private world. I wonder, is he listening to and watching me as I am him? Or, is he lost completely in what he is doing? The only way to find out is to break the spell we are currently under. I wish not to do this and so I simply let it wait.

I wish all a great day and hope you continue reading about me, Campbell and the new things we’re doing and learning. We are living life now in a whole new and awesome way, and it is way important to us that you know of it. Why? Because it will help you understand folks with disabilities such as mine and beyond. I have many different friends, who have many different situations, and each is unique in its own way, and they will show themselves within my writing, and reading about the things we all do and how we do them, will increase those reading’s knowledge and help the continuation of my mission. What is my mission? To lessen the boundaries between people everywhere, and to show that while we are all different and awesome in our own selves, we are also connected in many ways, and not quite so different from one another after all.

Blessid Be this day!


Written December 20 2015 7:01 AM

While visiting with Bobby D in Knoxville Tennessee



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