Dear Goddess…

Dear Goddess…

Dear Goddess, I am writing to you because I seriously need your help. I am in a real battle for survival here in my life. I feel I have no human support, and no way out of my situation. I feel it is bigger than I am, and I have no tools with which to build a bridge over these troubled waters. Here are the things that trouble me…

First off my ability to remain in my home is under attack. In January of this year, I was given reason to believe an organization called ARC of Washington County would pay that month’s rent, and also believed that if I went ahead and paid it they would not re-emburse the funds. So I did not pay it, and then due to many snags, which I will describe throughout the writing of this letter, it did not get paid. Now, I am behind on my rent, and am at risk of no longer having a place to live.

The first thing to go wrong was the paper work that I needed to get filled out did not get done, and then when it did get done, it became lost, and did not get where it was supposed to get. During this time, I also began to have issues with my family living upstairs. What was at first a simple misunderstanding, became as arguments will sometimes do, out of hand and rather nasty. Now, I do not even receive my mail. We share a mail box, and my grand niece, or niece in law always pick up the mail, and they are either holding my mail, or simply throwing it away. I checked with the post office, and mail carriers, and found that yes, they were delivering. The carriers all know me on sight, and are very certain that yes the mail has been put into the box.

So this day my property manager said she was sending someone to put up a separate box for me, but at the time of this writing they have not come. It is Friday night and I am doubtful of their coming now.

Also I am having an incredibly hard time finding employment. My income is very limited, I only draw $824.00 a month, and $670 of this goes to rent and utilities. While I know how fortunate I am to pay such a small amount, on top of what I have already written to you I have just learned that the rent will be going up soon. I am absolutely beside myself with grief and upset, and no not how to proceed.

I am writing this, on the Scorpio Full Moon in the hopes that you will first off, separate me from all negative forces within my life which keep me from being prosperous, and able to be self sufficient, and that you would Allow me to draw to myself people places, and things that will enable me to be prosperous and self sufficient. I very much also desire to complete the classes I began with Grand Mother Moon. I have every intent of doing so, and in fact did manage to buy one of the two books I need for the class. I am determined to be successful in my life.

Below are things that I am doing to continue to remain active, upbeat and to enable myself to go forward each day.

First off I pray and meditate each day. I try as much as is possible to remain positive, grounded, and centered. I also read something spiritual every day and work very hard to keep Goddess firmly in all things within my heart, soul, spirit, and mind. I in some way incorporate magik into my life every day and I am determined to be all I can be in that way.
I am volunteering in the local school systems, and when those are out for the summer, I intend to reach out to the youth summer programs. I have removed things like television and hard rock music from my life, because I found them to be too stimulating, and I found that at times I was becoming overly upset and angered by having them around. I use my iphone and download things like informational and spiritual podcasts that center around the things I study, and the things I love to do such as my writing.

That’s one more thing I want to talk to you about. As you know I have written a book. The book is called, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life, and I am ever hopeful that it will begin to sell more. I would one day like to please? Pay off the editor who edited the book, and publish the second one, but I still owe her a sum of over $1900. I have felt that her price was too high, but the mistake I made with her, and have learned better since was that I did not do a contract up front and so am now having no choice but to pay this off. I can only afford payments of $25 per month and so I find myself at a loss as to how to get that over with and move onward from it. At the current rate of pay it will take about 6 years to pay completely off. Although I have since employed a new editor who is very sweet, and is sponsoring my monthly magazine The Neighborhood News, I am not going to even consider the second book until this bill with the first editor is paid off. The second editor is aware of the issue, as I did not want in any way to be dishonest with her about it. She is I think a gift from you, and I am ever grateful for her.
In closing I am going to write my three wishes.

First off let me say that if I could have these three wishes and nothing more, I could be ever content.

First wish…

I wish that I could catch up on my rent, and be able to pay it every month without fail, and remain in my home.

Second wish…
I wish that all situations with my family and my instructor friend could be once and for all resolved, and things all set to right and back the way they were, and maybe even making us all closer than before.

My third and final wish…
I wish that I could make a comfortable living with my writing. I do not require riches, or fame. I only want to be able to live comfortably, being able to pay my bills without worry, and to no longer be in fear of being homeless or hungry.

Thank you Goddess for hearing my letter, my wishes, and my prayer.

Thank you Goddess for the sun.
Thank you Goddess, when this day is done, all my needs they will be met.
Thank you Goddess, for what I already have, and for what has not come yet.

So Mote It Be, and Blessid Be.

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