DB-Book Review Fall Classic: Nineteen-Eighty-Four: Muse

DB-Book Review Fall Classic: Nineteen-Eighty-Four: Muse

First NLS then my thoughts.
Nineteen eighty-four :: a novel DB34268
Orwell, George. Reading time: 11 hours, 16 minutes.
Read by Alexander Scourby.


A satirical, frightening novel about a future time under a totalitarian regime, where the people believe ignorance is strength and war is peace. For high school and older readers.
Downloaded: November 18, 2017
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First of all, I’m not totally done, but I’ve a couple observations, and questions.

1. How on earth am I to believe that we, as humans could possibly allow things to get that messed up? I mean really? I know we had Hitler, and WWII but do you really think it could be that bad? Is it in many ways that bad already and we’re so desensitized we don’t know it? Shoot us all now if so.
Next, how the hell can I care about any of these characters?

This is for sure going to be a hard book to read.

I’m not trying to be contradictory, I am simply trying to understand this book.


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