Day-Out With the Wilderness Center

Day-Out With the Wilderness Center

20597171_860747014081195_5990175157445036906_nThe following is a brief account of what our day-out with The Wilderness Center Support Group Drop-In Center was like, yesterday, August, 18 2017.

Today was probably one of the very best days, Campbell and I have had in many moons.

We left this morning a little after 10 AM headed for the Civic Auditorium, and what was to be a wondrous day out with The Wilderness Center Support Group! Led by Kristie-N Ronnie Richards

When we got there, one of our group leaders was waiting at the door to greet us. Something I appreciate quite a lot.

It is wonderful to have that, and though our group is small, in time it will grow, and having someone walk with me into our meeting place, when we’re not meeting here at my house, is wonderfully reassuring, and makes things much easier for Campbell and me. When we’ve more people, having that extra personal touch, will mean more than ever.

Kristie and Ronnie are by far two of the most wonderful and kind people I’ve had in my life, in quite some time. Their gentle, kind, and nonjudgmental ways are so refreshing to me. While I had a wonderful time, in my last center of this nature, for whatever reason, I seem to be connecting in more of a solid way with this group than ever before with any similar group. When we got in and settled, Kristie, Ronnie, and I chatted while waiting on our other group members.

Only two more came, but a great time was had by all. We ate a great lunch of sandwiches, chips, and drinks. We played a game of Balloon Volleyball, which I was not all that great at, but had a wonderful time playing, had a healthy snack of chicken salad and wheat crackers, and cold fresh water.

Then we played another game, which I made up, using my iPhone, and Apple Music, and all was going fine, until Siri and I had a bit of a disagreement because it did not want to play what I told it to. It was of no matter though, because by that time we were all tired, and ready to clean-up and prepare for the remainder of our day.

We had some great accomplishments from one of our members, but I’ll say no more, until said member gives permission for me to speak of it. We shall just say it was a great accomplishment, and one of which I’m quite proud.

Once all was settled and straight in our room, we took Campbell to park, and were off onto the rest of our journey. We boarded the bus in front of the building, rode to the station, and transferred to another bus, as we continued on our way. Campbell was more than ready to work, as I’d had him lying and resting comfortably on his blanket, while we played games. He did get to run round and play some, and he was ready to rock and roll once we got going again.

Once we were on our second bus, we were headed for a place here in town called, Lamplight Theater. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but once there, we were made welcome, treated well, and Campbell was more than accepted. When we were seated, we found that our group were given a row of seats all unto ourselves, and so I gave Campbell the floor in front of the seat next to the wall, took his harness off again, laid him down on his blanket, and until the Popcorn came out later, he did not make a peep. Even then he did nothing more than moan a big moan, and try and talk one of our members out of her box.

Now, what did we go to Lamplight theater to watch? A most magnificent play. I’ll be reviewing it fully as soon as I’ve given some thought as to what exactly I wish to say, but just off the top of my head…

The Tree-house Thief gets 5 out of 5 stars, two thumbs up, and 4 paws. Not to mention a triple tail wag for good measure.

The message of love, faith, and trust, hit home for me. The reminder to walk quietly and pray, to have the walls blocking you from spirit torn down was powerful, and it is that message I want to talk more of. Right now, I’m too tired to do it justice, and so it shall wait for another day. I just want to say, if you need a spiritual pick-me-up during these tough times we’re living in, this play is for you.

I’m not sure how long it will be running. I have not gone and looked, but I recommend you get up tomorrow, and make plans to visit this wonderful theater soon.

For now, this is Patty and King Campbell, A.K.A Bubba who is snoozing soundly, saying…

May harmony find you, and blessid be.


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