Day 2 of the Sir Choc Books blog tour – Learn how to make a Panda Bear #BlogTour

Day 2 of the Sir Choc Books blog tour – Learn how to make a Panda Bear #BlogTour

Today, Robbie’s back with more delicious blogging.
Here she is to tell you more.

Day 2 of the Sir Choc Books blog tour – Learn how to make a Panda Bear
The entertaining Pat Garcia is hosting Day 2 of the Sir Choc Books blog tour which showcases Sir Chocolate and the baby cookie monster story and cookbook. Thank you, Pat.
You can read the post and learn how to make a Panda Bear out of fondant and an Easter Egg here:
About Pat Garcia
Writing and music are my callings,” says Pat Garcia, and she can’t remember when she didn’t do them. At the age of three, she was singing with her mother and at the age of four, she was trying to write stories. However, she didn’t take them seriously because of the culture she was raised in. It took a trip to Europe to open her eyes and reveal her path. A path that she’d been told was impossible for her.
Twitter: @pat_garcia
Pat Garcia Author
Pat Garcia has recently launched her first book, Turn the Light On.
Turn The Light On by [Pat Garcia, 4Wills Publishing] My review of Turn the Light On
Della Cartwright is in a mess, someone has been depositing large sums of money into her bank account for months and now she thinks the mysterious man she has been flirting with from afar may be using her to launder money. As Della pours out her anxiety about this strange situation to her boss, she wonders what this is going to mean for her future. Della is a top dealer at her company where she works in Foreign Exchange Settlements. How could she have let this happen?
As with many things in life, this situation is not what it seems and as this fascinating short story unravels the reader gets to understand more about Della’s past life and current circumstances, and how her unusual romance came about. You also get to meet Della’s romantic interest and to understand how he feels about Della and their intriguing relationship.
I really enjoyed this story which is different with both the age group of it’s characters [middle aged] and its story line, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a unique and well written short story that keeps you engaged from beginning to end.
You can purchase Turn the Light On here:

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