Crystals For Your Home

Crystals For Your Home

I am making a new goal, right here, and now.

I, Decree, that I will start acquiring one, each, of these mentioned stones, until I have the correct stones to help balance my home.

The work I’m doing, cleaning, clearing, and revamping my space within and without my home, is for sure bringing about change.

It is more than evident, that more is needed. Other-wise, I’d have not ended up so sick, when beginning this task.

As I’ve been cleaning and clearing my home, I did not, at first put up enough protection, thus the sicknesses.

However, all that has been gained throughout these challenges, has been worth what I’ve had to endure.

Now, although I’m a week behind in blogging, I am continuing, in a most obvious, correct way.

Thanks to you, GrannyMoon for sharing this post. While I follow this blog, I had missed this one.

Stones are my favorite to work with. They’re easily obtained, maintained, and handled by a blind person.

All elements can be represented, and they bring great enjoyment.

I remember being a young girl, poking round in our gravel drive.

Everyone thought I just liked playing in the dirt, but for me, it was much more.

I had a box filled with Earthworms. I had boxes filled with Marbles. I had gravel jars, and loved nothing more than to toughen my feet, and stand on the rocks to feel their power.

I had no way to verbalize what I felt. I had been taught from the Christian ways much of my early years, and knew nothing of the other scriptures, and their teachings.

I was fortunate that, my mother allowed me to explore, and visit all churches of faith, and I’ve been given gifts of spirit, a-plenty.

Now, I’m back full-circle, to the stones.

Blessid be.

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