Before, I ever read this, I had an intuit.

I went into my bathroom, and cleaned, tub, sinks, everything.

I readied it for a Self-Care Session, I’m prepping for.

I’m to go to the Heart-Center, here in my town and be fitted for an Event Monitor that, I’ll wear for, 30 whole days long.

So, I felt, I should, take some time, and enjoy a long shower, and foot-soak, because probably those won’t be allowed.

I’ve had some trying times, and on the New Moon, I set the intent of releasing all negative energies, keeping me ill, and declared, we’d have rid of infections, and issues, and if there were problems, there were diagnosis, and they’d be known, and dealt with.

So, I come in to rest, from my cleaning of the bathroom, and find this magnificent post.

Spirit is leading, and blessed am I for having this magical information to help me attune to what is being shown to me.

It is so very awesome, and incredible, when I have what I feel confirmed, so very completely.

Blessid Be to the author.


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