Creations of the Flask

Creations of the Flask

have tons of ideas in my head.

They come to me at night.

At night, while in my bed.

They’re in my dreams.

In all things it seems, and even at times, they’re given wings.

No more shall this be. Quiet again I shall be.

Not sure how to proceed.

Lost always seems to be my creed.

She’ll not use it he predicts.

He believes right he is, without knowing he clicks.

My feelings unknown.

Even if he’d been shown, I doubt my being given even so much as a quick…

A quick glance, let-alone-a-second-chance…

I’ve been cast-out from the dance.

My heart, takes hurt like a lance.

No more in love do I believe, my heart, alone I ask you to leave…

I asked all I can, I know, now how you are, and I am, I no longer ask, I have taken and tossed out the task…

Blessid Be.



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  1. Thanks Claire for posting my jibberish and making it look awesome!

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