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  1. Thanks for sharing this post, Patty.

    1. Hi Robbie.

      You’re welcome.

      I’m trying to share well-written, factual information which can assist persons with dealing with not only the corona virus but other sicknesses as well.

      I’m trying to stop the panic and instill respect for the dangers which can come from any communicable sickness but especially this latest one.

      1. Good job, Patty. I am trying to deal with it without any panic, etc. as well. I have always been highly susceptible to respiratory illnesses because my grandma, who shared my room, was a chain smoker all her life, so I was exposed to 2nd hand smoke constantly to the point where my mother had to withdraw me from school. They said I could not come back until I was treated for my ongoing coughing, so I had to take allergy shots (in those days we knew nothing about smoking and its harm) for some two years, every other day. So yes, I am aware of these things, and also aware of how we have treated our earth so poorly and now perhaps it is fighting back with some of the damage we have done. It is just my thought, but I appreciate the notification too. I do a lot of herbal medicines and some I have created myself from a whole variety of herbs and spices that are very helpful to the body. I make a non-alcoholic drink from several types of fruits and in a bag, some of each kind (perhaps as many as 17 – 20 spices and herbs I have collected from a variety of resources, all legitimate. When I drink this drink which I never boil, but I heat it up and all the herbs, etc. go into a little netted bag and it soaks after it is warmed up for several days (no yeast is added, though I could do that with no issues, and may for a future base). All I know is that some monks used to brew something like this that you could buy here in CA, and I can no longer find it, so that is why I decided to make my own. It is delicious and also it will heal me from just about anything. I save a couple of ginger beer (also nonalcoholic) bottles and I sterilize them and then make it in those bottles. These things are fun to make and once I bought and gathered my herbs and spices from a variety of stores and places, I have kept a BIG supply of those ingredients on hand (they keep very well without refrigeration except any juices). So that is MY method, plus not doing anything stupid and most folks here in this area are doing the same. So it is all good. Thanks for the good post. Panic doesn’t help us in any event.

      2. Yes, a worthwhile endevour.

        1. A couple things people could do to make things so much easier.

          First, stores should be responsible and put a limit on how much toilet paper and other stuff that are being bought in large quantities as to how many packs could be purchased at one time. Here, the store I shop at has done that, and I think that was a very wise thing to do.

          The next thing people could do is to simply use just a little brain power, and activate good old fashioned common sense.

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