Cookie and His Furry Friends by author Trish Hubschman #WordPress Wednesday

Cookie and His Furry Friends by author Trish Hubschman #WordPress Wednesday

Cookie and His Furry Friends

By Trish Hubschman

March 2008

     I am a good dog. My cat sister, Chauncey, says I am, so does my little buddy, Janie. Her parents do too. I have a lot of friends, both human and furry. I want to play with all of them. That’s what friends do.

     “Hey, Cookie, come and get me,” Rabbit dares me from under the deck. 

     “Okay,” I say, excited. Rabbit doesn’t really want me to catch him and I don’t like chasing, but it’s all in fun, right, and he dared me. So up comes my head, out points my nose. I’m ready to leap when Rabbit shows himself. 

     “Here I go,” Rabbit giggles, darting out and racing across the backyard to his new spot behind the shed. I try to leap for it but can’t. Janie is holding tightly to my leash. I pull so hard she falls down onto her knees. Oops, I don’t mean to make her do that. I just want to go play with Rabbit.

     “Ouch, that hurt,” she cries. “And it wasn’t very nice. You leave that rabbit alone. He didn’t do anything to you.” She tugs the leash and leads me around the yard.

     “Drat!” I mutter.

     “Better luck next time,” Rabbit calls.

     Now I’m mad and sad. Nobody understands. ‘I’ll see you later,” I call back to Rabbit as Janie drags me along the fence, trying to get me to take a poop. It’s hot and I just want to go into the house where it’s cooler and watch and wait for my friend to come out of hiding again. So, I do what Janie wants. “There,” I say, looking up at her with hopeful eyes. “Are you happy now?’ 

     Janie smiled and leans down to pat my head. “Good boy, Cookie.” Walking me in the backyard is practice for when she’s bigger and can take me outside the fence and around the block. 

     I grin proudly too.

     “Think your hot stuff, huh, Cookie?” Rabbit teases, wrinkling his nose.

     Since he’s there I might as well try again. I shoot to attention as he races right in front of me, going back beneath the deck. I’m fast, but Janie’s faster, tightening her hold on the leash and not falling when I yank on it this time, then she drags me into the house. 

     How come I can’t say anything around here?

     “Now you go think about why we had to come back into the house,” she scolds me, unhooking the leash.

     I look at her out of one eye.  “Because it’s hot out there and I took a poop,” I say. 

     “Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Being a wise guy won’t help your case,” Chauncey says behind me from the stairs.

     It always works for her.

“You know you’re not supposed to chase rabbits,”

     I look over my shoulder. Chauncey knows I’d never hurt anyone and should be on my side. “Neither are you,” I fired back.

     “I don’t,” she says, holding her head up.

     She has me there. She’s an indoor cat.  I don’t answer. Instead, I race off to the back of the house, plopping down in front of the open sliding glass door with the closed screen.

     Simon Squirrel hops up onto the white rail around the deck. I like Simon. He’s a nice fellow and we can talk.

     “I hear Rabbit’s driving you nuts,” Simon says.

     I woof. “More then you’d ever know.  Where is he now?  I like to keep track of him. He keeps getting me in trouble and I’m not being bad.”

     Simon looks over his shoulder, moving his head from side to side, then puts his nose up in the air and sniffs, his eyes narrow. “I think him, and the missus are under there.”  Simon bangs his foot on the rail.  “Hey, you two, you’re supposed to be hiding. If you keep talking so loud Cookie will know where you are.”

     And what’s wrong with that, I think.

     “Who says we’re hiding?” Rabbit calls back.  “It’s cooler under here out of the sun.” 

     He has a point. That’s why I came in to.  “Everybody’s got me wrong here, Simon,” I try to explain, but he’s not listening either.

Simon stares at me and shrugs.  “You’re on your own, man,” he finally says, hopping off the rail and racing across the lawn to the back fence. He climbs it, jumps onto a tree branch out of sight.  

     Well, Simon’s up a tree, the rabbits are under the deck having lunch and Chauncey’s probably asleep again on the stairs and it’s hot sitting in the back doorway. Rising, I march into the family room and jump up onto the sofa. The window is open, so I poke my nose against the screen. 

Chauncey’s friend, the orange cat from next door, jumps onto the fence. “Hey, want to play,” he calls to me.

That’s what I wanted to do all day and should be excited. We’d have a lot of fun.  I try to wag my tail, but it feels heavy. I’m just too tired and have to admit it. “Not now, I’m been a hard morning.  Maybe later.”  With that, I curl up on the couch and fall asleep, dreaming happily of dinner and going outside to play with my orange friend.

The End


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Tidalwave’s tour bus bursts into flames while the band is relaxing on the beach. The band’s leader, Danny Tide, hires private detective Tracy Gayle to do some discreet investigation into the matter. She’s joining the band on tour as security chief. The arsonist is discovered, but much deeper, more dangerous things come to light as well: an assault, an attempted murder, and then two murders. Tracy is faced with far more than she bargained for, and her stint with the band goes further than just that summer tour. She is fully determined to protect America’s favorite rock and roll heartthrob, and they become the best of friends along the way.

About the Author

Trish Hubschman and her husband, Kevin, along with their dog, Henry, recently moved to Northern Pennsylvania. They formerly lived on Long Island, New York. Trish is a graduate of Long Island University’s Southampton Campus and has a Bachelor’s degree in English-Writing. She is the author of the popular Tracy Gayle mystery series, Stiff Competition and Ratings Game. Tidalwave is the eagerly awaited prequel to the series. For more information about Trish’s three books, please visit her website, linked to above.

And see her on Goodreads:

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