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Hello Readers! Due to the fact that I am unable to put out my newsletter at this time, and making sure that those who pay for advertisement from me and some way due to lost advertising time here is an announcement from Robert Branco! Robert, Bob to his friends, is not only the host of this awesome show but he also is the creator of the monthly magazine The Consumer Vision. Please read, and save this date! Attend this most awesome and informative call! Thank you for reading!


On Monday, June 27 at 7:00 p.m., Eastern Time, our featured guests on Branco Broadcast will be Sunish Gupta and Antoinette Suchenko. To participate, please call 712-832-8294, and use pass code 514295. Please remember to mute your phones during the program unless you are asking our guests a question. When you are finished asking your question, please mute your phone again. We are trying to avoid back ground noise such as dogs, sirens, coughing, etc. Our shows are recorded and archived for the general public. Also, please arrive on the call 10 minutes before the show starts, so you won’t miss anything. The following is a brief bio.

Sunish Gupta is an Accessibility and User experience Professional with more than 20 years of experience in the industry with three professional degrees. The most recent academic credentials are from MIT’s System Design and Management program and Harvard Business School, completed in 2012.  He recently established Easy Alliance, an MIT startup, to redefine accessibility implementation for easier evaluation and agile integration with usability in organizations of all types and sizes. At Easy Alliance, he pioneered the novel AxMax Evaluation system to monitor and measure AX and compliance level.

Sunish has professional engineering experience in the semiconductor and electronics companies including Texas Instruments and Applied Materials. Before working in R&D and Marketing in Silicon Valley with these companies, he had obtained a MS in Electrical Engineering from University of Central Florida.  Having a passion towards both Science and teaching, he began his professional career by completing a very unique NCERT-sponsored and highly competitive dual degree program from India and obtained the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education.

He is very passionate about teaching and giving back to the professional community through bringing awareness about accessible and universal design. Becoming blind later in his life, gives him a unique perspective to comprehend and articulate both needs of a disabled person as well as a professional design engineer. Sunish Gupta, soon after becoming blind, directed the development and marketing of the world’s first portable reading machine for the blind in partnership with serial entrepreneur, AI expert, and futurist, Ray Kurzweil.  Currently he is engaged in educating the industry professionals through IEEE, CTA and individual consultation to high-tech and IT-intensive companies. He serves as the Board member and chairs the accessibility and Home Health initiatives at IEEE Consumer Electronics Society. In addition, he will be teaching course at Tufts University in Fall 2016. The course is titled, universal design, Accessibility and User experience.

Sunish and Antoinette will give a brief presentation, and then take questions from our participants. We look forward to hearing all of you on Monday evening.

    Bob Branco



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