Comfort From Inside

Comfort From Inside

Hi Campbell’s world visitors! Here is yet another awesome post from Penny! As we read this post, we are shown that the fire for her is comfort. This is a form of spirit. And thus our reference to fire as spirit. Isn’t this awesome? A beautiful day to you!

Comfort From Inside

Penny Fleckenstein

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Dark clouds loom over my life blocking all evidence of sunshine. I struggle with feelings of being used and taken advantage of, being abandoned, unappreciated and disdained. I simmer in my anger, bury myself in self doubt, and lose confidence. These feelings last a very long time plunging me into an abyss of deep depression. They’re sparked by cruelty, illness, or departure of a friend.

At Cub Scout camp, I got to experience the warmth of a campfire in the rain. It rained quite steadily and yet that campfire was still vigorously burning.
Amazing! Feeling the warmth of the fire taught me. Although it rains around me, I can allow peace to reside in my heart by keeping the campfire burning. The warmth from the inside of me can radiate and spread joy to others. I can win! It took this weekend’s camping trip with the Cub Scouts for me to discover. I was so anxious about it because of the rain which followed us. *** Comfort from the inside out
keeps me smiling when trouble is about,
No need to feel defeated or down
with the campfire in my heart
radiating joy, love and peace
helping me accept His wisdom He imparts
With battles raging still–my faith will increase.

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