Good morning everyone.

I’ve had a catastrophe of GALACTIC immensity!

I woke up this morning, and after doing my morning routine of, washing face, brushing teeth and hair, and my morning necessary, I as usual, headed for the kitchen and my much-needed beloved first cup of morning coffee.

Stumbling up to the pot I was gratified to see there was a partial cup of left over coffee in the bottom of the pot. I poured it into a cup, added a spot of my favorite creamer and popped it into the microwave.

Knowing I needed to go ahead and make a fresh pot, I set about gathering all the necessary implements of construction.

Once everything was out on the counter, I sat about making the pot. I measured the water and poured it into the reservoir in the back of the pot, scooped carefully measured grounds into the basket, and after whispering my morning prayer, tossed in a small pinch of sea salt and stirred it with my finger.

As the microwave signaled that my cup of left over coffee was done, I pressed the button on the coffee-pot, stepped over to the microwave, took out the cup, had a sip and then… Realization of the morning’s horror was upon me.

I knew immediately something of huge import was wrong. The coffee was not making. I walked back over to the pot, thinking I’d not pressed the button, pressed it again, and waited.

I waited, waited, and waited, some more. Still nothing.

Thinking the plug had popped its safety breaker I pressed it but all was in working order. “Something must’ve thrown the breaker for this plug.” I muttered.

I moved the pot to the other counter, plugged it back in, pressed the button and still nothing. “What the blue hell fuckory is this?” I demanded of the air.

I moved the pot to the top of the dishwasher, and after seeing the cord to the thing wouldn’t reach that plug, I went and got a very long extension cord, and plugged it into the power supply behind my chair in the livingroom because I knew it worked, and still nothing.

Then I had an idea. Was one of the settings on the pot out of line? I checked everything but nothing appeared out of place.

Finally I decided to check the one cup side of the pot. It, for a blessid relief worked. So, I scooped a scoop of coffee from the basket in the full pot side into the smaller one cup basket, measured in the water, and made a fresh cup, poored it into the half cup of left over coffee, added a bit more cream and finally settled into my chair for a well-deserved cup of strength.

I cannot figure why one side of the coffee pot works and the other doesn’t but thanks be to all the coffee Gods that it is so.

I’ll of course have someone sighted check all the settings on the main pot side to be sure but at least I have the one cup side left and the money to replace the pot should it need replacing.

For now, it’s past time to walk the beast so I shall go.

Everyone have a super great day.

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