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We take some care in our efforts to keep Choice Magazine Listening filled with a “wide-range of significant writing without necessarily endorsing the viewpoints expressed.”We consciously try to avoid one-sided or overtly political pieces and are sensitive to graphic descriptions of violence or grisly details of life. Yes, we occasionally run an article or story with “rough” scenes and language, but as we don’t abridge any of the words authors choose to convey their vision of the human condition, we also won’t abridge your choices. Life is messy. We listen anyway. We listen to feel what it’s like to experience others’ perspectives on life, and we hope you agree.


Spring 2017 is the perfect time to embrace uncertainty. Some feel the sky is falling on our home planet and that we’d better find Plan B if we’re to survive. Kevin Carey in “Keep Me From Your Leader” and Chris Jones in “Bodies in Transit” profile two scientists searching for an alternative home among the stars. One keeps terrestrial bugs from hitching a ride to, and infecting, the planet Mars. The other is orchestrating the release of a giant sun shade to help find a speck of light from another earthlike planet we can escape to. Both scientists handle their unresolved questions with tremendous grace.

In “Are We Not Men,” a story by T. Coraghessan Boyle, everyday life in the future includes some genetically modified pets and children, right here on earth. If we can pick the height, color, intellect, and traits of our offspring, what might we lose in the uncertain and very human business of procreation?

And Bill McKibben urges us to slow down our digital dousing in “Pause! We Can Go Back!” when he reviews a book about the growing opportunities for genuine, face-to-face connection with our fellow beings. It’s a feel-good response to everything binary.

Top Picks

In India, human ingenuity excels in an environment where doing more with less is business as usual. Yudhijit Bhattacharjee writes the compelling story of one man who dared to uncover the truth about the taboo subject of disposable feminine hygiene products and why so few women in his country could afford to use them. “Launch Pad” is the surprising story of how this man is not only changing the everyday lives of women around the world, but having a positive impact on the economies of developing areas and on human rights.

And Wesley Morris takes us on a historic and personal journey in “Visiting the African-American Museum.” The newest museum on the mall in Washington, D.C., is alive with thousands of exhibits that call forth the multitudinous emotions of the black experience in America. It’s a terrific addition to the spring issue.

And don’t miss the audio at the end of “Sound Hunters” byAlex Marshall. Discover the people who travel to different parts of London to record soundscapes before these unique acoustic moments are lost in the rapid transformation of neighborhoods and lifestyles.

And Special Thanks to . . .

Debbie W., from Tacoma, WA, a grateful listener who said, “When there is lots of talk about some article and people ask me, ‘Did you read it?’ I say, YES! Thanks to CML.”

Happy Spring from Pam, Annie, Jay, Mike, and Raquel!

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