Cleaning and Clearing

Cleaning and Clearing

Good Tuesday! (Tiw-Day) Here’s an update on me.

Hi everyone! As you know, I believe that all motion is a way of working out the body. Well, if what I did yesterday wasn’t a work out, I’d like for someone to tell my muscles! LOL! Although, I have to say that this morning I am not nearly as sore as I thought I’d be.

What am I talking about? Well, as you also may or may not know, I’ve been struggling to keep help in the house for things I have trouble doing. I have multiple disAbilities, and some things are difficult for me to get done and maintain. OK. So, I have found a grant that is helping me pay for some services. I have interviewed and hired two cleaning ladies to come in and help to undo what a few months of neglect due to knee injury and other issues has caused.

In the process, there were some things I felt I needed to do to get ready for this event. I did not want them handling some of my personal stuff, and I needed to finally once and for all rid myself of some property belonging to my EX. So yesterday morning I began clearing out remaining junk from closets, etc. In the process, I also decided to move some furniture. I drug outside a large living room chair. Warn out for the house, but still good enough to cover and sit on my porch to hang out in outside. So, I wrestled the huge beast out the door, and put it out on the porch. After resting in it a while once done, I went back inside, and started on my own bed room closet. In this process, I came to realize that a chest of drawers I’d seen in an extra bed room down the hall would fit nicely in my room, and solve the problem of what to do with all the extra clothes. OK, now what? I had to move said Chest of Drawers into my room. I emptied it of all trash, cleaned it out and dusted it off, and then set about the task of dragging it from one room to another. The house is entirely carpeted, so moving this big old thing was hard. Understand my furniture is old, most of it restored stuff from yard sales, and thrift stores, so it’s heavy too.

Finally, the day was over, my closets were cleaned out. Clothing put away, junk sorted and tossed either into garage for donations, or out to the trash. (I filled up three trash-cans with wheels and lids from the outside)

At the end of all this I found I was very stiff and sore, but I stretched as I would’ve after a workout. Showered and took some time to steam myself, used some muscle rub, and yes, this morning I am sore, but not nearly as bad as I thought I’d be.

My body enjoyed the work, and I believe had I not just spent this month and a half laid up with my knee the soreness wouldn’t have been nearly as bad. My dad dropped by during all this, surveyed what I’d done and proclaimed me He-Woman! Felt awesome!


I’ve written and posted this onto several email lists where friends have been following my progress, as well as my rantings…

I’d like to add to this here by saying that I really do appreciate everyone’s sticking with me. It’s not been an easy road this one. I’ve hit some real obstacles along my way, but I’ve learned a ton and half about myself too, and so I’m really rejoicing in the having gone through it.

It really is going to make a huge difference in my life, once these things are all done.

You all have no idea the stuff I ran across yesterday, and to say that I’m a bit pissed that the last two people I paid to clean out this one closet, only to learn upon investigation that stuff was not done, only thrust back into the very back of the thing where it would not be discovered, or so it was falsely hoped. That’s OK those folks know who they are and “So, may their Karma be visited onto their heads!”

I worry not. I’m better off for having done it this way after all, so I will simply thank them for their laziness, and deceitfulness.

I’ll close by saying, I’m coming into a new beginning, and as we come into the spring I’m making room for new growth. I’ve decided that prosperity is mine. I’m clearing the way for all the most awesome blessings to come. I intend to have such blessing as this home, and heart will not hold. So much that sharing it will be necessary and fun.

Blessid Be. To all!


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