Clarity is Power – Lynda McKinney Lambert #WordPressWednesday


  1. I did not intend to write a blog post today but after I saw your guidelines for WordPress Wednesday posts – this idea flashed into my mind. I had to begin writing this post. I think that it was a way of “thinking out loud” to discover my own thinking process about my “one word” for 2021. Adopting this word for the year has changed my thinking so much that I can’t believe it is only about 6 weeks into the year and so much is changing daily. Words are like that – they can revitalize us when we choose to spend our time with them. What great companion words are to us. This one has rocked my world.

    1. Good morning Lynda.

      Such a glorious pleasure and privilege to share this post. Glad I could be of some inspiration! I find myself needing to repeat things again and again and at times this annoys me to no end but at the same time people must have things made clear to them.

      Have a wonderful day. You’ve inspired me to go and take a deeper look at my word for 2021, which is unite.

      Thanks for being you and for doing all you do!

      Patty L. Fletcher

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