Christmas Cookies by Abbie Johnson Taylor #TuesdayTidbit #Author’sCorner #Jottings

Christmas Cookies by Abbie Johnson Taylor #TuesdayTidbit #Author’sCorner #Jottings

I’ve never been much of a cookie fan. But as a child, I enjoyed helping to make them. Mother and I mixed the batter for chocolate chip cookies, then placed spoonful’s of dough on the baking sheet before she slid them into the oven.

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Christmas Cookies #TuesdayTidbit#Jottings #Inspiration


  1. I hope you enjoyed my cookie memories. Please feel free to share your own, either here or on my blog. Thankk you for reading.

  2. I love Christmas cookies, chocolate chip, peanut butter, all cons, especially loved, rolling out sugar cookies when I was a child and decorating them after cutting them out, the cutting out process has enabled me to use that knowledge in my pottery, and create ceramic ornaments for the holidays it has been great fun. This was an enjoyable post. Thank you for sharing it here.

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