Chauncey Speaks (Part One) #Author’sCorner #WordPressWednesday

Chauncey Speaks (Part One) #Author’sCorner #WordPressWednesday

Chauncey Speaks (Part One)

By Trish Hubschman

February 2008

Note: This is the first in my Muttely Crew series. The stories are narrated by my first dog, Cookie and cats, Chauncey and Tabitha.

Sleep is my favorite hobby. Even the humans know not to bother me when I’m napping. I still would be if I hadn’t heard what sounded like a dog barking. Opening one eye, I peek out, thinking that maybe I was dreaming. There’s no dog living in this house. It’s just the humans and me. It’s been that way for four months and I’m very happy about it. Call me the queen of my own cat castle

There it went again. I heard it clearly, the loud dog bark. Fully awake now, my bright green eyes pop open. My precious sleep has been interrupted by a dog. Getting up, I slowly stretch myself out, first my front paws, then my back ones. The last thing I was going to do was rush, even if I’m eager to find out what all the racket’s about. I couldn’t let them know that.

Okay, I’m ready. It’s time to check things out. After that I intended to go back up to my nice, quiet, warm spot on the top step and take a snooze. Unhurriedly, I take the twelve steps down to the first floor one at a time, looking around. The area by the front door was empty, but I could hear cooing, giggling and other mushy sounding stuff that I don’t care too much for, coming from the living room

Turning right, I march straight into a family scene that I hadn’t been invited too. Hey, even if I didn’t like that mushy stuff, the humans still do their share of drooling all over me. I let them when I’m in the mood. But now, I clearly sensed I have competition.

The woman kneels on the floor, petting a big, hairy dog with a pointy nose, one of his ears stood up, while the other one drooped down.

The man’s sitting on the sofa, holding a long black leash, trying to decide what to do, I stare up at the ceiling.

The woman sees me and smiles, waving me to come into the room. “Chauncey, I’m glad you’re awake.” And who’s fault is that I think. “Come over here and meet the newest member of our family. This is Cookie.” Cookie? Was that a boy or girls name? “He’s your new brother,” she adds, answering my question.

Cookie’s mouth drops open, his long pink tongue hangs out the side of it and his tail wags back and forth. I snicker. I’ve never lived with a dog before. I’m not sure if I could train one, especially this silly looking one, to follow the rules I set around here.

“Don’t you think Cookie and Chauncey are going to be best buddies, Howard?” the woman asks the man.

I stare at Cookie and he stares back, my green eyes holding his blue ones. He doesn’t chase me, and I don’t run away, but I would never run away, even if he did chase me. I’m much too cool for that.

“Are you going to say anything?’ Cookie dares.

“Mmm,” I fire back. “Are you?”

“I just did,” he replies.

He has me there.

“Look, they’re getting along,” the woman says.

The man looks back and forth between me and the dog. “At least they’re not chasing each other.”

I snort at that. Of course, me and Cookie aren’t going after each other. We have more class than that. What does he think we are – animals?

“I think I should get some things straight,’ I finally announce to Cookie, pulling my attention away from my master. I always thought humans were a bit odd.

Cookie sits upright, as if readying himself for something. “Okay, I’m listening.”

I look up at the ceiling, wondering what the catch was. This was too easy. I take two steps back, then a step forward, never taking my gaze off Cookie, trying to figure him out, but couldn’t be sure. “Okay, I’m the boss.” My back is straight, my head held high. “I make the rules around here.” Cookie’s nose is in my direction. Then he turns and looked sideways to the woman. I understand. “They know it too,” I jump in, not wanting either human to counter me. Cookie looks back at me. “You don’t bother me when I’m sleeping.” If it was up to me that would be all the time. “Don’t bother me when I’m eating or when I’m in my litter box.” Cookie looks deeply into my eyes. I feel nervous. I jump on the sofa beside my man, who has dropped Cookie’s leash, I press up against his knee. “If you want to be friends, you have to keep your distance. I don’t like being bothered unless I’m in the mood.”

Nobody moves, nobody says anything. It’s back and forth stares between the dog and me. Cookie takes a step forward. I edge closer to my man’s leg but don’t sprint. Cookie takes another step forward and puts his nose into my face. I thought he would nip my nose off, but I remain steady. No dog is going to scare me off. Suddenly, to everyone’s surprise, Cookie’s big tongue came forward and laid a wet, slobbery kiss up my face, from chin to forehead. Boy, did I want to swat him but instead I make a face.

“Oh Howard, see, he loves her already. This is going to be so perfect.” The dog, me and the man look at the woman – she might be right, or she might not be – but the three of us say nothing.

The End


JUST PUBLISHED: the prequel to the Tracy Gayle mystery series


by Trish Hubschman

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Tidalwave’s tour bus bursts into flames while the band is relaxing on the beach. The band’s leader, Danny Tide, hires private detective Tracy Gayle to do some discreet investigation into the matter. She’s joining the band on tour as security chief. The arsonist is discovered, but much deeper, more dangerous things come to light as well: an assault, an attempted murder, and then two murders. Tracy is faced with far more than she bargained for, and her stint with the band goes further than just that summer tour. She is fully determined to protect America’s favorite rock and roll heartthrob, and they become the best of friends along the way.

About the Author

Trish Hubschman and her husband, Kevin, along with their dog, Henry, recently moved to Northern Pennsylvania. They formerly lived on Long Island, New York. Trish is a graduate of Long Island University’s Southampton Campus and has a Bachelor’s degree in English-Writing. She is the author of the popular Tracy Gayle mystery series, Stiff Competition and Ratings Game. Tidalwave is the eagerly awaited prequel to the series. For more information about Trish’s three books, please visit her website, linked to above.

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  1. She tells a wonderful story. I’ve always been astounded by her.

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