Chaos #PoetryPlace #Political #Musing

Chaos #PoetryPlace #Political #Musing

September 24-October 2, 2020.

My best friend died.

I want to run and hide.

For a few days I do.

Then, I come back to you.

I know there is much I must do.

The rain and storms descend.

Once again, I miss my forever friend.

Suddenly, through the clouds the sun does shine.

I think without my friend, it will be fine.

Finally, I get brave and take a walk.

To the animals and humans, I stop and talk.

Then a true terror quickens.

Our President from this cursed COVID-19 sickens.

Though he and I don’t necessarily agree,

I didn’t wish this to be.

I watch in horrified fascination, as total chaos grips our nation.

Then, I realize it’s not only our country into this chaos is hurled.

Oh! No!

It’s the entire world.

Will we survive?

Yes, through it all, some will thrive.

We must! We must!

Stand together!

Else we shall die!

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