Chaos In the Campbell Kingdom: dictated

Chaos In the Campbell Kingdom: dictated

Not long ago when things were more calm in the Campbell Kingdom, before we had LIFE LAGHTER LOVE in our home and heart. Each day and night were the same.
Been one day what I had been manifesting walked in my door. I learned from my nephew Aaron that a young friend and her children needed a place to stay. For a couple hundred a month, A little cleaning and reading of mil, and some cooking once and a while, they could live here. I had two extra rooms and soon a deal was made.

Little did I know the changes that would take Place, and the Love that would grow.
Challenges? They have been aplenty. Awesome, funny Love filled moments, they are a many.
We are learning as we go, and loving as we grow. Campbell is adjusting day by day. For the most part, he is loving it in every way. All and all, things are well. Sometimes it gets crazy! Sometimes we don’t know who is where, or, what is win. We know where we are going, and we sure as hell, know where we’ve been. For the most part, we do not want to go again.

Happy, crazy, chaotic days are here.
Made of love, laughter, and yes, sometimes tears.
Stay tuned! To see what happens next. Who knows? There might just be another series, coming yet.

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