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AUTHOR’S CORNER: “Premature Hearts Less Able to Cope with Exercise” Good morning campbellsworld visitors. This morning I’m here with hat in hand making an apology to Mrs. Leonore Dvorkin. The following article was sent to me some-time back. I was to have posted this long ago. Somehow the article got into a folder in which it did not belong, thus was over-looked. Here it is today for your reading enjoyment and health education. Thanks to you Leonore for this well written article. Please accept my deepest apology for my carelessness. Just when I think I’m organized, I find out I’m not. “Premature Hearts Less Able to Cope with Exercise” Source: British Heart Foundation / EurekAlert, 3/19/18 Submitted by Leonore H. Dvorkin, 3/24/18 This article was of interest to me because I was born three months premature on May 5, 1946, weighing just 2 lbs. 11 oz. I also try hard to stay fit, although I do more exercise with weights than aerobic exercise. Perhaps this helps explain why I enjoy aerobic exercise less than I enjoy weight training. However, I do walk and use an exercise bike, and I used to swim regularly. Here is a summary of the article: People born prematurely are more likely to suffer heart failure as adults. Also, during exercise, the more prematurely a person was born, the lower the capacity of the heart to pump blood. The hearts of those born prematurely are less able to increase the heart rate and the stroke volume, which is the amount of blood pumped out by the left ventricle. Global rates of prematurity are from 5 to 18%, depending on the country. It’s 8% in the U.K. According to information from other sources, the rate of prematurity is 10% in the U.S., and that is rising. Cuts to Medicaid are expected to make the situation worse. A concluding personal note: I teach exercise classes four hours a week, and I am a firm believer in combining resistance exercise (weight training), some form of aerobic exercise, and stretching. They are all valuable. I also believe that you should emphasize the form of exercise that feels best to you. Listen to your body; it’s very wise. / Leonore H. Dvorkin is an award-winning exercise instructor, language tutor, author, and editor. One of her books is Another Chance at Life: A Breast Cancer Survivor’s Journey (third edition, C 2012, also in Spanish). She is the author of more than 30 published articles on health, nutrition, and fitness. Currently, she writes a regular health column for Bob Branco’s monthly online newsletter, The Consumer Vision. The short summary above is from her longer article in the forthcoming April 2018 issue of that publication. Leonore invites you to visit her website for full details of her work and services:

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In Praise of Beige by Leonore Dvorkin

Good morning campbellsworld visitors. Here’s an offering done by Author Editor Publisher Leonore Dvorkin. Please be sure to keep reading once you’ve enjoyed this little poem to find all about the Dvorkins and their services. If you seek them out … Continue reading

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