Casting About For Change, Keeping the Agreementsi made, and Hoping!

Casting About For Change, Keeping the Agreementsi made, and Hoping!

Each day I try to make new. I try, hard though it might be, to not hold any grudge from the day before. I try to remember that no one is perfect, least not me. I try and remember, that today is yesterday’s tomorrow, and that tomorrow is another day. I wish, with all of my heart, that those I have wronged would do this as well. This, is where I continue to fail. If I were, really walking away from the yesterday, I would be able to say that I have done enough, and that it isn’t truly there is to do. Yet each day I get up and pray for just one word from even one of them. I long to hear my masters voice. That who taught me well. I long to hold his hand, to look into his eyes, to truly say sorry, and for things between us too be well. I ache, to see my child, and those who come from her. I know not win this Shelbe. Only that to stop praying for it, would be from them all to turn.

So, here I am. At the waning moon. I look into the sky, sweep away the clouds, I pray to the sun.

Thank you goddess, for the sun.
Thank you when my prayer is done, that which I desire I will get.
I thank you, even though, it has not happened yet.

My faith is strong. To my believe I hold fast. I know one day, the trouble it will pass. I wish no harm, I wish no ill. My love for them is all I wish they feel❣ I only wish for the truly wonderful awesome power to come. And that our hearts they be healed❣

Blessid Be❣ 💞

I love you❣
May you come unto me❣
So mode it be❣


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